Steve profile b&wFirst, yes, my name is Steve Baldwin and no I’m neither the Hollywood actor nor am I related to Alec.  Second, yes, that’s me in the pretentious looking photo, appearing like I’m really thinking deep things about the universe.  In reality, my wife reminded me that she snapped the photo while I was looking at a bill (which means I was thinking about how we were in deep something).  But it looks cool for this blog site.  To be honest (going along with the theme of this site), I’m really not that smart.  In fact, I can be really quite the idiot, thinking quite idiotic thoughts about everything and not knowing a whole lot about anything.

Fortunately, I just happen to be best friends with someone who does know a whole lot.  In fact he knows everything.  Literally, he knows everything there is to know about anything, from this side of the universe to the other….because he invented everything that is anything.

And so he and I spend a whole lot of time talking, with me asking a whole bunch of questions and him occasionally answering (or to be more honest: him answering a lot, and me only occasionally listening).  Now I’m still quite the idiot compared to him; so while some of what he tells me does make sense, there’s still a whole lot I can’t yet comprehend.  Thus the blog site – to share a bit of what I’ve learned and a lot of what I’m still thinking through.

A few extra more important things you should know about me is that I’m married to a very lovely woman who continually puts up with my idiocy, and I’ve got 4 great kids  (now young adults) who I desperately tried to raise not to be idiot juniors. It miraculously seems to have worked.  Aside from this blog site, I’m also author of a book called Rethinking God: Because God is Bigger, Closer, & More Real than You Think .

A side note just to clarify:  the best friend that I referred to earlier never himself actually calls me an idiot.  In fact, with the exception of a few well-deserved stern talks, he mostly just says nice things about me – something else that I’m honestly still thinking through.

Welcome to my blog site, and thanks for taking the time to listen to a few of my rambling musings.

Note: Please be aware that, though for my day job I work for a particular ministry, my opinions on this site are my own.

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