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If You Are a Trump Supporter These Are The 9 Things I Assume About You

AUTHOR’S UPDATE: Please note that the following article was written prior to the actual GOP primaries because I was concerned about people supporting Donald Trump as the Republican candidate.  Since then the definition of “Trump Supporter” has obviously expanded to include a larger segment of the population, including people who readily agreed with my article. Thus my assumptions obviously do not apply to all “Trump Supporters.”

For my most recent thoughts on the election and support for President Trump, please see my latest article: A Trump Protester’s Insider Look Within the Evangelical Trump Supporting World.

Dear Trump Supporter,

Let me start by saying that I get it.  I get the frustration. 

I, too, am tired of all the PC language that has dominated our culture.  I’m tired of having to be careful about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I say for fear of accidentally offending someone and dealing with hyped up repercussions.

I, too, am sickened with politics as usual – with a stagnant, do-nothing government.  I’m tired of unmet promises and of wimpy politicians who won’t stand up for what is right and what needs to be done.

I, too, am concerned about our nation’s security, knowing there are people out there who absolutely hate us and will stop at nothing to destroy us – even to the point of trying to disguise themselves amongst us if they can.

I, too, worry about our world’s economy, with other countries engaging in unfair trade practices.  I’m worried about our own nation’s economy, and I’m worried about my next paycheck.

I, too, am frustrated by an ever expanding federal government, continually imposing its rules upon us, forcing us to buy a product we may not want, and telling us what we are allowed to believe…or else.

I, too, am concerned about where our country is headed.  I want to see our nation great again.

So I get it.

I get the allure of a charismatic person who speaks his mind, who appears above the fray, and seems to epitomize success.

Why wouldn’t we want an accomplished businessman to run the “business” of the states?  Why wouldn’t we want a person who could not care less what people think to break through the barriers of our hypersensitive speech.  Why wouldn’t we root for someone radically different than what we’ve seen before in Washington, who promises to get stuff done, while at the same time makes us laugh?

But this is not about Donald Trump.  No, this is about you.

For the Donald has said and done a number of things that many analysts have stated should have knocked him out of the race.  But rather than causing him to lose ground with you, you have stood faithful.  In fact, with each successive event, you not only did not let it bother you, you applauded him all the more.

Therefore, I can assume that the things he has said and done are not only acceptable to you, but are the kinds of things you think will make America great.

So while I get the frustration, I just want you to be aware – if you are a Trump supporter, these are the things I assume about you:

1) You think a great America consists of disrespecting our nation’s veterans, particularly our POW’s. 

mccain powOn July 18, 2015, Trump said of former Navy pilot and POW John McCain, ““He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”  McCain had spent 5 ½ years as a prisoner at the famous Hanoi Hilton in North Vietnam, where he was regularly tortured.

Trump later denied saying McCain wasn’t a war hero.  He went on to claim that he was a better leader on veterans’ issues than McCain, stating that he had put on benefits for foundations like Wounded Warriors.  In a recent analysis, Forbes magazine reported:

The Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated $5.5 million to 298 charities between 2009 and 2013 (the most recent year available), according to the non-profit’s 990 tax forms from those years. Of that, only $57,000 has been donated to seven organizations that directly benefit military veterans or their families.

In other words, “leading” on veterans’ issues means dedicating just a little over 1%.  Forbes went on to state:

Wounded Warriors was not among the organizations Trump’s foundation gave to in that time period. Forbes also found that Trump, who we estimate is worth $4.5 billion, has not made personal contributions to his foundation during the same time period.

(UPDATE: After this article was posted Trump sponsored an event that raised $6 million for Wounded Warriors.  The timing is interesting to me that just shortly before the primaries he decided to increase his giving suddenly from $57,000 to $6,057,000 and for Wounded Warriors which he previously claimed to have given to but as per above he had not – see point #5 below)

Also worth noting, around the time McCain was being held prisoner after voluntarily enlisting as a Navy pilot, Trump had received four student deferments from the draft and a medical deferment after school, though he’d been active in sports.

So I can only assume since, after all this, you are still very excited to place Trump as the leader of our nation’s military, that respect and support for our military personnel and veterans is not that important to you.

2) You believe that in a great America it’s okay to mock people with physical disabilities.

At a rally in South Carolina last year, Trump mocked Serge Kovaleski, a reporter known to have a condition called arthrogryposis which affects joint movements.  Because Kovaleski denied that a 2001 article he’d written supported one of Trump’s claims, Trump publicly “imitated” Kovaleski, jerking his arms about in a manner reminiscent of the disability’s symptoms.  Though Kovaleski had covered Trump extensively during the 80’s and early 90’s, meeting with him repeatedly and knowing each other on a first name basis, Trump denied he was mocking Kovaleski’s appearance, claiming that he didn’t even know him.

Not convinced?  You decide:

In other instances, Trump has been accused of mocking Charles Krauthammer, who is paralyzed from the waist down, and of making fun of a protestor for being overweight.

For any other public figure making such disparaging remarks it could be almost career ending.  But since you not only seem to have given him a pass but applauded him along the way, perhaps it even says something about you.  Could it be that you thought his mockery was quite funny, too?

3) You think a great America is where a woman’s purpose is to be a beautiful piece of a**.

Trump & womenTrump famously said in an interview with Esquire in 1991, “”You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of a**.”  Granted, that was in 1991, but while his views of many different things have frequently changed throughout the years, there’s no evidence that his views on women have.

And while he doesn’t hesitate to compliment the physical appearance of women, he also just as easily degrades them as well: insulting the face of Carly Fiorina, saying a female columnist had “the Face of a Dog,” calling a lawyer “disgusting” for needing a break to pump breast milk, and implying debate moderator Megyn Kelly was asking tough questions because of menstruation.

This is not to mention disrespecting his own first wife Ivana by having an affair and marrying his mistress who was 17 years his junior.  Ironically, Trump tweeted in April of last year, “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” So if it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault that her husband had an affair, was it Ivana’s fault Trump had his?  Should we assume that his 2nd marriage didn’t last because she didn’t satisfy him either?  To his “credit” he seems satisfied for now with his 3rd wife whom he married when he was 58 and she was 34.

Any self-respecting man would not stand for allowing another man to say to his spouse or girlfriend some of the things Trump has said to other women.  So why do we allow Trump to get away with what he says without recourse?

It is also difficult for me to understand why so many women support what he says.  Could it be if you are female and support him you simply think less of yourself, and could it be if you’re male and support him you’re just less of a man?

4) You hope for a great America that strongly dislikes or refuses to accept entire people groups (and there’s a word for that).

nazi trainLast year Trump made controversial comments that Mexico was sending us drug dealers and rapists as an argument for why we should round up and deport millions of illegals and build a wall.  He also proposed that we put a ban on all Muslim immigrants.

Many, as a result, have accused him of being a “racist.”  That’s a tough label to stick on those statements alone, however, because officially he is arguing for the segregation of illegal activities and ideologies rather than any specific race – though, it’s hard to deny that his proposals would end up affecting large groups of certain races or ethnicities.

But it’s the continued pattern of activities and statements over a period of time that has many designating the label.  Perhaps it was because he tweeted out a graphic falsely claiming that the majority of white murders are perpetrated by blacks.  Perhaps it was because he was his complicit in the beating of a “Black Lives Matter” protester at one of his rallies.  Perhaps it’s not just his own actions but the fact that his own father was involved in a segregation scandal through his real estate business.

Yes, in our PC world sometime we get a little hypersensitive, but when the verbiage and actions of an individual keep adding up, there’s a point in which you simply have to call it what it is.

But if that label of “racism” won’t stick, there’s another word that should.  Its definition is:

a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.: a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, that word is “bigot.”

Dictionary.com has the broader definition of “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.”  With his aggressive attack style, it’s hard to imagine a person more intolerant of other’s beliefs or opinions than Trump.

As Dana Milbank states in his Washington Post article, “It might be possible to explain away any one of Trump’s outrages as a mistake or a misunderstanding. But at some point you’re not merely saying things that could be construed as bigoted: You are a bigot.

As a Trump supporter you have not only failed to hold him accountable for any such statements or actions, you have often openly cheered him.  Is it possible that one of these definitions also fits you?

5) You look forward to a great America that is politics as usual.

In the last two decades Trump has gone from being a Republican to an independent to a Democrat and back to Republican.

trump-and-clintonsHe previously supported universal healthcare but now opposes it.  He once proposed a tax increase on the rich but now stands against it.  In 2010 he praised President Obama as having done a good job but now describes him as “incompetent.”  In 2008 he supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign and In 2012 he said she was a terrific woman; but now he states that she is “the worst Secretary of State in the history of our nation.”

He once said he was “very pro-choice” and now he says he is “very pro-life.”  In 2000 he supported longer waiting periods on gun purchases and a ban on assault weapons but now is against those.

Up until 2011 he had made more financial contributions to Democrats than to Republicans.

Just on the recent campaign trail itself he has flip-flopped on issues such as ISIS, Syria, Afghanistan, Planned Parenthood, military spending and the flat tax.

Despite the overall impression he has of being a straight-talker there is no way anyone can know where he truly stands on any issue.  Instead of being the outsider, he ultimately ends up saying what people want to hear rather than standing firm on anything.

Many Trump supporters will defend that politicians change their positions all the time.  I rest my case.

Trump is politics as usual and you support it.

6) You fight for a great America where the ends justify the means and things like faith and character do not matter.

In your frustration and desperation for change you have compromised some of the very things that were once important to you.

There was a time where the particular faith of the President was of extreme importance to you.  Right or wrong, many of you even questioned in the last campaign whether we could trust a Mormon president.  You questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s faith, arguing that he is really a Muslim.  But now you strongly endorse a candidate who is clearly not Christian.

Jesus Trump

meme created by blankpage

Yes, I said it.  I am almost always one who declares you cannot judge another person’s heart – that we will be surprised in the end who will actually make it to heaven.  But in this case, aside from his recent misstatement of “Two Corinthians” instead of “Second Corinthians;” aside from the truth that in spite of his claim that the Bible is his favorite book, he can’t name a single favorite verse; aside from the fact that the church he claims to attend has said he is not an “active member” (not one of these alone would necessarily disqualify a person from being a “Christian”) he also has admitted that he never asks God for forgiveness – a central tenet to the Christian faith.  Add in his questionable moral behaviors, his “love of money,” his ultimate lack of humility, and his complete disrespect for others (all indicators that he does not follow Christ nor represent his character) and I’ll say it again: Trump is not a Christian.

For many of you that has never been an important qualifier and at least you are being consistent (though I think it should still give pause to the fact he is trying to pass himself off as something he is not).  But for others, it has always been important.  Why is it not now?

Aside from this, there are other qualities you have also compromised on

Many of you were the first to question President Clinton’s legitimacy to the office because of his extra-marital affairs and yet you still “stand by your man” when it comes to questions about Trump’s past love life.

You stand by him when he questions whether an American citizen born in Canada, the son of a grassroots activist for Reagan, can be president and yet you have zero reservations about that fact that Trump’s former Soviet Union born wife, the daughter of a card-carrying communist, would be joining him in the White House (For the record, I am not questioning the patriotism of Melania Trump.  I have met several former Soviet born individuals who have a great passion for America.  I am only pointing out the hypocrisy here).

In addition, 22 writers for National Review, considered the bastion of conservative thought, just came out to declare that Trump is not a true conservative and, in fact, is a “huckster” and a “menace to American conservatism.”

And as much opposition Trump has expressed toward so many leaders at home and abroad, the one person he has expressed admiration for is Russian president (some would say dictator) and communist Vladimir Putin.

In short, in your effort to try to make America great, you have compromised on all that you once believed…or maybe you never really did.

7) You believe in a great America in which the best way to win is to bully (and maybe you’re a bully, too).

cyber-bullying-122156_960_720We promote anti-bullying campaigns in our nation’s schools and put out statistic showing its links to teen suicide.  Yet many of you are making a hero out of one of America’s most well-known bullies.

It’s no secret that when challenged, Trump’s modus operandi is to attack a person’s character rather than substantively address the issue.  No one who has questioned him is free from his degrading wrath.

HIs decision to publically give out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number and social media bashing brings to mind the maturity and scheming of a teenage Mean Girl who belittles everyone around her.  Only this Mean Girl you want to make into the school Principal.

As writer Olivia Nuzzi puts it:

Bullying, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, “involves repeated exposure of one person to physical and/or relational aggression where the victim is hurt with teasing, name calling, mockery, threats, harassment, taunting, social exclusion or rumors”—or, to put it more concisely, the entire Trump doctrine.

Many mental health professionals have come out to say that Trump meets the classic symptoms of a Narcissist.  They opened up about this out of great concern for what a Trump presidency could mean, in spite of a professional rule (as stated in this article) that you are not normally supposed to publicly comment on the mental state of an individual without directly examining them.

As clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis says in the article, “To degrade people is really part of a cluster-B personality disorder [which Narcissism is part of]: it’s antisocial and shows a lack of remorse for other people. The way to make it O.K. to attack someone verbally, psychologically, or physically is to lower them. That’s what he’s doing.”

Narcissists also have a tendency to be dishonest.  Licensed clinical social worker Wendy Terrie Behary, states, “Narcissists are not necessarily liars, but they are notoriously uncomfortable with the truth.”

Michaelis adds, “He’s applying for the greatest job in the land, the greatest task of which is to serve, but there’s nothing about the man that is service-oriented. He’s only serving himself.”

So why support a narcissist and a bully?  Is it, again, because the ends justify the means and you’re happy for him to do the dirty work?  Or is it, like in all the movies, bullies have their sidekicks?  If you’re a supporter, are you a bully, too?

Of course, bullying works, as long as the bully’s on your side.  And as shown by his record of flip flopping and dishonesty, there’s no guarantee which side he’ll be.  One day this bully might end up in the highest authoritative office in the land.  A lot of what he says may be funny now, but if you ever disagree with him, some day he might be bullying you.

8) You dream of a great America with a strong central government that monitors and controls civil liberties such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press (and possibly even the right to bear arms).

Big BrotherTrump has already hinted he would use Executive Orders to the same degree President Obama did, for which Obama “led the way.”

He has also said that we should place surveillance on certain houses of worship and has been open to the idea of keeping a database on people in the U.S. who practice a particular faith.  For many of you this idea of the Federal government monitoring and tracking these individuals and places doesn’t bother you because he was referring to Muslims and Muslims right now scare you.

But what happens when an extremist who claims your faith does something terrible and the Federal government decides it’s time to start monitoring you? 

And in terms of speech, Trump has already demonstrated he’ll use whatever means necessary (giving out a person’s cell phone #, having protesters thrown out, verbally assaulting and social media bullying, and even boycotting debates) in order to silence his opponents.

Furthermore, there was his questionable statement about closing down the internet:

“We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that Internet up in some way… Somebody will say, ‘Oh, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”

In regards to the press, Trump has threatened to sue the Washington Post for reporting on one of his bankruptcies.  His own lawyer once warned a newspaper that if they reported about rape allegations against Trump, he was going to mess up the reporters’ life.  He stated, “Tread very f—ing lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f—ing disgusting.”

Now if he’s currently willing to use whatever weapons he has available to him to try to quell any opposing views or press reports, what happens when he has the chief lawyer of the land (the Attorney General), Homeland Security, the FBI, the Bureau of Land Management, the IRS, the ATF, and other Federal offices at his disposal to continue to do the same?

In terms of gun control, many fear that President Obama’s gun control measures are a secret conspiratorial means via which the government will eventually collect all guns and take over dictatorial powers of the states.  However, when you think about it, it’s not a President who makes enemies of all the gun-owning individuals that has a chance of taking dictatorial control.  It’s going to be the one who has pretended all along to be your friend (the one who continually changes positions, even on issues like this, in order to say what people want to hear) who ultimately will have you duped.

Recently, Trump claimed he was so much loved, he could stand in the middle of a street and shoot someone and not lose any votes. 

First, does he think families of shooting victims really find that funny?

Second, why is he even thinking about shooting anybody?

Third, what does that mean he is saying about you?  Does he really think you’re that blind of a follower that you just wouldn’t care?

Fourth, what are the implications for putting a bully, so sure of himself he feels he has zero accountability, in charge of the highest office in the land?

Will he then feel he is able to order the shooting or removal of anyone he wants and never lose your unwavering support?


Trump’s rise in power has been very unpredictable.  I honestly did not feel he would get this far; so it is hard for me to predict the final outcome of this year’s primaries and election.  That said, if you are a Trump supporter I also assume of you one of the following two possibilities:

9a) You think a great America is one that looks like Hillary Clinton.

clinton testifyEarly on, many speculated that Clinton hoped for Trump to be the GOP candidate because he is the one she could most easily defeat.  Some conspiratorialists have even speculated that Trump is a Clinton “plant” designed to wreak havoc in the GOP.

Trump has indeed deeply divided the Republican party with many conservatives coming strongly against him.  He has also alienated a large portion of the Hispanic vote.  And neither he (nor any GOP candidate) ever really had the African American vote; but because of his bigotry and racism he’s quickly losing many of the white voters who care about them.

As to myself, many would describe me as an Evangelical Conservative (though that label is a lot wider than people think and it would be hard to nail me down on every issue).  And while I feel that neither party has done a good job of representing my views, since 1986 I have always ended up siding with the Republican candidate.  Though I have often been unsatisfied with the eventual Republican nominee, I ultimately each time ended up voting for that person (as a lesser of two evils choice) because they more closely represented my concerns.

If the eventual nominees, however, end up being Clinton and Trump, I will not in good conscience be able to vote for either one.  The choices to me would be either a slow death (Clinton, by continuing in some of the same policies of her predecessors that are hurting this country) or potential disaster (Trump, because of the reasons outlined above).  My vote, therefore, in good conscience would have to go to an independent or a write-in…and there are many just like me.  Translation: the eventual winner would be Clinton; so I assume Trump supporters are comfortable with that.


9b) You think a great America is one that looks like Donald Trump.

angry trumpTrump has promised to “make America great again,” invoking the idea of making it great like the past.  Most discerning people now recognizes that there are things in our past that were good, such as things your “momma” or “daddy” taught you about honesty, hard work and respect, and there were things in our past that were bad, such as bigotry, misogyny, and abuse of power.

So far Trump’s demonstration of “great” seems to be a return to our past in what was bad, while ignoring the things that were good.

Many conservatives themselves, including “Tea Party” leaders, have said that Trump is actually dangerous for America.

And yet, you as a Trump supporter, so far have ignored this, along with all the other warning flags.

It’s like watching a girl in a bad relationship – the kind where the physical abuse actually starts once he puts on the marriage ring.  She ignores everyone’s advisement that he is bad for her, even though all the warning signs (the verbal assaults, the dishonesty, the manipulation) were already there to see.

Remember, the Donald is playing “nice” right now in order to get elected.  There’s no telling what he’ll do once he has the ring.

In 1 Samuel 8 (that’s pronounced “first Samuel eight”), the prophet Samuel warned the people of Israel that their demand for a king would result in the king’s abuse of power, but the people would not listen.

While he may not claim to be a prophet, Libertarian author David Boaz heeds a similar warning now for us when he wrote for the National Review:

Not since George Wallace has there been a presidential candidate who made racial and religious scapegoating so central to his campaign. Trump launched his campaign talking about Mexican rapists and has gone on to rant about mass deportation, bans on Muslim immigration, shutting down mosques, and building a wall around America. America is an exceptional nation in large part because we’ve aspired to rise above such prejudices and guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to everyone. Equally troubling is his idea of the presidency—his promise that he’s the guy, the man on a white horse, who can ride into Washington, fire the stupid people, hire the best people, and fix everything. He doesn’t talk about policy or working with Congress. He’s effectively vowing to be an American Mussolini, concentrating power in the Trump White House and governing by fiat. It’s a vision to make the last 16 years of executive abuse of power seem modest.


But it’s not so much Trump I am concerned about as the people.  Are we really now the kind of people who want such a king?  Does this person really represent our values?  Does he really represent you?

Now if you are a Trump supporter, perhaps I’ve made some wrong assumptions.  Perhaps you are a very kind and loving individual who has always honored our nation’s military and would never degrade a single person.  Perhaps you love people from all walks of life and you get along well with even those you disagree.  Perhaps you live to serve others rather than pushing to get your own way.

But when you idly sit by as he says the things he says and his berating of people’s lives causes you to raise your hands in further praise I just have to be honest about the assumptions I make of you.

And if I’m wrong, prove me so.  Stand up to him now and then…hold him accountable.  Tell him you think he has the skills that it takes and he can still make America great, but if he devalues another soul you won’t put up with it.

But if not then, well, I’ve already listed it.

The question to ask is: are the things I’ve listed what makes America great?  If not, when is it great?

America is great when after some kind of trial people from all walks of life come together in prayer and support.

America is great when we see someone in need and groups band together to try and meet it.

America is great when a person in a uniform is eating out and someone pays their tab, thanking them for their service.

America is great when a person in a wheelchair needs to get through a door and a stranger rushes up to hold it open.

America is great when two individuals can disagree but can still have a friendly one on one discussion.

In some sense, America is already great as long as we make a habit and continue to do the things we get right.

But in this day and age when there are still things we get wrong, are you sure the answer is to introduce more vitriol and hate?  Is that what will make America more great?

If Trump were to get the nomination and then go on to win the presidential election, that means one thing: that Trump (through his actions and his words) represents what the majority of Americans have become and want more of.  That means Trump is America and America is Trump.

If that is the case, then America not only will not be great…I’m not even sure America is or will be even any good.

So the question is…America, are you great or are you Trump?

I guess we’ll start to get a picture soon, beginning Feb 1 (pronounced “first).



Your honest opinions are valuable to me.  Please share with me your thoughts in the comments section below.  Also, if you enjoyed this article and would like to receive future updates, please sign up for my newsletter below or like me on Facebook.



  1. Shirley Baldwin

    You have summed up Trump very, very well. Hope people heed your warnings!

    • Alice At Lee Gordon

      I agree completely. I do wish that another title had been used, as more people who needed to read the article might have read it. This might be “preaching to the choir” more than preaching to the country

    • Mark Claytor

      This article is a mix of lies, half-truths and subjective analyses. The author is obviously an agenda driven Obamite overcome by a white, middle-class guilt complex and is content to drink the stale Kool-Aid of the last 7 years. Without apology Trump is an American who thinks America’s interests are paramount. He is not a bigot, nor racist; he is an American nationalist and insists that, in all matters, the US be treated fairly and with respect. It is high time that the US had an advocate for OUR people and OUR brand. Go Donald!

      • Steve Baldwin


        Please take the time to read the author’s note at the end of my article.

        Also, please take the time to read the 1st section of the article which makes it clear where I stand on the direction of this country in the last several years.

        You can never really be sure of what Kool-Aid you’re drinking unless you actually take the necessary time to figure out what’s in the mix.

        Finally, please clarify what you mean by the phrase “OUR people. “

        • David Geyer

          Mark did not even read it, so very sad. The only part of your well written and thought out article Mark read was the highlighted parts.

        • Ron

          I agree with Mark.
          Do something about Killery, the real threat.

          • Pablo

            Want to do something about Hillary? Make sure the raging narcissist doesn’t win the nomination. If the GOP candidate is Trump, the Democrats will win. And they will win in a landslide. Why are so many people so blind to this? And the fact that Trump is a self-centered freak. He is everything Jesus told us not to be.

        • Rinsel

          I will await patiently for you to honestly think on Hillary Clinton and write something honest and with facts on her. If nothing is written, well, silence is as forthcoming as words.

          • Steve Baldwin

            Hi Rinsel, if anyone relies on me and my little blog for all of their political information I’m afraid they will stay sadly misinformed. So please don’t rely on me alone to make your well informed decision.

          • Sara

            I agree, an eye for an eye. Let’s hear your take on the other candidates before bashing one. As for, 1 Samuel 8 (that’s pronounced “first Samuel eight”), the prophet Samuel warned the people of Israel that their demand for a king would result in the king’s abuse of power, but the people would not listen, well that is happening as we speak.

          • Shirley

            Sara I agree with u. I began, thinking I would vote for Trump, and now I have no clue. He seems so insensitive at times. I want to vote but I’m still not sure who for. Certainly not Hillary or Bernie. What do you think? Who’s best?

          • Jeff

            Sir or Ma’am, Why don’t you write it… Steve Baldwin is a blogger. You can blog if you want. This man is trying to save what ever soul he sadly believes is left in your backward political party. Isn’t it Ironic that you are making Baldwin’s point (you and several others) by attacking his character rather than addressing the substantive issues he makes in the post. This article was Well written, well thought out and well sourced… It was written by a dying breed, a bold, brave,and intelligent Republican. One who doesn’t allow bigotry or cowardice to cloud his brain. If you can’t recognize him coming right at you, I hope you’ll recognize his back as he and the tens of others of his kind ditch your party after the Dems take you to the wood shed this November. We want Trump!!! I know you probably think that’s some kind of reverse psychology. We hope you do. There is a guilty pleasure that comes from telling your not incredibly bright party how to walk themselves off the cliff, watching them walk off the cliff anyway and then stand back laughing and highfiving… While saying “did see those dumb asses walk off that cliff.” Maybe after watching a candidate that represents your parties (and its voters) most disgusting behavior you’ll wake up and start calling out Republican politicians for their most Fascist traits. Maybe we can come together as a country and start fixing our problems…. Or better still maybe the Republicans will just disappear. Go the way of the whigs and leave us grown ups to fix what’s broken.

          • Elaine Giamm

            I too would like to see a piece on Clinton……for she is far from the perfect candidate!

          • Steve Baldwin

            I would agree that she would not be good for our country either. But I would suspect most Trump supporters plus a large majority of conservatives already feel that way.

        • Craig Winkenwerder

          I read it. And in my opinion if you’d put as much effort into building someone up instead of tearing them down, you might get somewhere. I’d call myself a conservative republican and a Christian. I won’t support Rubio because he’s for illegal amnesty and against closing our borders. I like Ted Cruz, but no matter who wins the GOP nomination I will vote for them. To do otherwise would be a vote for Hillary. And she’s plain evil. Her and her husband are liars from the word go. I agree with Trump, that we need to close our borders and temporarily stop all immigration. Call me a bigot if you want. I’ve been called racist because I don’t like the liar in the White House now. Right now Muslims seem to be the only religion carrying out terrorist attacks. Muslim sharia law does not coexist with our nation’s Constitution! Our God is not the same as theirs either. You may claim to be a Christian, but Jesus said, “anyone who is not for me is against me.” I believe we should be kind to all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean bring them here and let them change our laws and country. I believe this country became great because our founding fathers wanted to worship God. God has blessed us because of it. But this country has been turning away from God for years and we are suffering. Trump isn’t my first choice. But not voting for him is giving Hillary (or Sanders) my vote.

          • Steve Baldwin

            Hi Craig, so am I correct that in quoting Jesus you are saying that anyone who doesn’t vote for Trump is against Christ?

            You mention building up rather than tearing down will get you somewhere. So what are some positive things about Rubio, Cruz and Clinton that you’d like to add to the mix?

          • Cheryle

            Your last sentence completely sums this election up, he is definitely not my first choice but with duct tape wrapped around my head I would vote for him as the lesser of two evils. God help this country!

          • Colin

            I’m confused as to which founding father you think was Christian? Jefferson who made his own bible by cutting out the parts he didn’t like, or Franklin who was a Scientist to the core? Our government is based upon more European Enlightenment ideas that true Biblical Theology

          • Davie

            Great response I am in complete agreement

          • James radford

            Craig that’s good talking , I couldn’t have said it any better ? See my post in here ?

        • Ann Link

          Can you tell me who the author is to this post?

      • rachase

        Your comment is a pure ‘Trumpism” , which is when anyone says anything you do not like, immediately label them a LIAR, and then quickly move on. NEVER pause to give FACTS as to what they have lied about.

        Never respond with facts, for the simple reason that you have no response, because they are really telling the truth.!

        • Jack

          Speaking of liars….HILLARY LOST. This must be very painful for you but America is not buying her BS.
          You know what te problem is with you people….YOU JUST DON’T LISTEN.
          There is a new sherrif in town.

      • Bill Fikes

        Donald Trump is the current day of all that Machiavelli espoused in “The Prince.” In other words, he’s a politician who’s never held office. He’s rude, boorish, unethical, undisciplined, unprincipled and has hardly any distinguishing marks of one who is a disciple of Jesus, regardless of what he says.
        When a person has almost as many divorces as bankruptcies, there is something seriously defective in that person’s character. A candidate won’t be perfect, but they do have at least need to fake being marginally decent.

        • Shirley

          You may be right. I don’t like a lots of those same things you mentioned, but several are of a personal nature and are his business and not mine. I just think he might be able to get our country out of debt and indebtedness to other countries. But just because I don’t like some of his decisions doesn’t make him incorrect on everything. Who do you think might be s better choice to lead our nation?

          • Laura

            I am not trying to be argumentative, but would honestly like to know how he would get this country out of debt? I have asked several Trump supporters and not received any reply other than “he’s a successful business man”, but I don’t see it. When his businesses have started to flounder he claims bankruptcy and moves on to try something else which is fine for him as an individual if he so chooses, but how can that practice be followed with a country? It’s not an option to claim bankruptcy, have all debt forgiven, close the country, then start over to try again.

          • Shirley

            I can’t argue with your reasoning. You’re right. But not all of his enterprises have failed. He has had much success thus his current wealth. With that said there are many ideas about filing bankruptcy. Lots of folks in big business see it as a natural resolution in a bad situation. I personally pay my own debts, but I’m not a financial tycoon and never will be. I think his appeal pertains to garnering hope in those of us who see our country going down the drain very quickly. I wish he was more charismatic with his words. His brash attitude does not set well with me but the well being of our country is at stake in my opinion. I can overlook harsh and abrasive if he can fix our country. I pray that I’m not wrong but I don’t see another candidate that I can trust any more than another. Both Cruz and Rubio are already politicians and that bothers me. They already know how the political machine works. Trump on the other hand is not apart of the current regime even though he’s made plenty of donations to campaigns. They’re tax exemptions though and that’s just good business. No single candidate has all the qualities I’d like to see in a president but each has his own appeal. Ben Carson would be great. He is not part of any regime and he has no scandals in his past, so he says. I’m still undecided but I want someone who does not owe favors to donators, who brings life back to our economy, who gets us out of debt and does not ignore the constitution.

          • Shirley

            Yes I know Trump has not given many examples of how he will balance our budget, but recently he said he would go through the budget and get rid of fraud and frivolous spending within the budget. And our govt has allocated monies for some pretty questionable things. I’m hoping that would happen, but who really knows?

          • Laura

            Thank you for your explanation Shirley. It’s the best I’ve heard so far. I just don’t know where I stand yet on any of the candidates, on either side. I don’t think I can go for Trump though because not only do I not fully understand how he will help the budget (although I do love the idea of someone going through and cutting the “fat”), but I can’t get past his views on women and other races. It scares me to be honest.

          • Colleen

            Chapters 7, 11, 12, & 13 – Trump filed 4 Chapter 11 bankruptcies, This chapter of the Bankruptcy Code generally provides for reorganization, usually involving a corporation or partnership. A chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time. He did not walk away from the debt

        • TJ

          Get real, the whole system needs flushed, and the Donald might be the one.

          • James radford

            Hi. Christian . Either one will be voted in . God doesn’t allways use holy men in high places in a unholy world to do His will to shape the future of His world . Samson wasn’t that holy sometimes and He used him to judge those oppressing Israel . Many instances we see that in the bible . King David was another example . Sending the husband Who’s wife. He committed adultery with into the heat of the battle to get him killed so he could marry her has got a lot to be answered for , Trum professes to be a young babe in Christian plus he declares to be a protector of Israel , saying he will put there embassy in jeruselem and make jeruselem Israels capital . He’s not perfect. As we know no one is . But he has got many good desires for the good ? of the. People . The terms of obama and Hillary I’m not too impressed with totally anti Christian . But God says it’s He who puts who He willin High places to shape the future and we must respect who He puts in . Obama and Hillary endorsed late abortion and same sex marriage . So they have been taken down . So I Christians don’t vote means they don’t care who gets in . Which I feel is not what God wants . Because your vote counts and God puts in the one He wants in . History is guided by God not by man , if it was the the population would have been wiped out years ago . So it was miraculous how the voting changed on the last day as I watched it. Trump was behind and them Bang he was winning the oppositions top areas easy , which I knew was if God . So Christians encourage Gods anointed and pray for him because his ears and heart are opened to God plus his son in law is a Jew. And his wife and their children are Jews now. So he will encourage trump too in Gods ways . Even if God has to use trump to bring in the one world ? goverment and the antichrist 666 the last seven years of mans bad rule of earth. So. Be it. He uses who he wills to do his will for man kind . Remember Cyrus , God named him even before he was born and used him to rebuild the temple and to be on the Jews side . So be it next time pray and vote for the. Candidate you believe is the more inclined to hear Gods voice ?? God bless and we all look forward to the rapture of the true believers to go to the marriage feast of the lamb and return with Him and the mighty angels ? to destroy the antichrist and all those opposing His holy reign .

        • Elaine Pollard

          Exactly. Character matters.

      • Caroline

        Oh, Mark. Bless your heart. Please read the article. Please?

      • Lulabelle-a-bloggin

        Have you seen any interview with Donald Trump at all?? All of the quotes and phrases attributed to him in this article are direct quotes that you can google. Most of them have video back up evidence. And they are direct enough that you can’t accuse the uploader of taking something out of context or splicing the video. 😉 (just wanted to quell that argument before it starts).

        Donald is a tyrant whose only concern is for himself and his glory. He could care less about making America great. He is all about making Donald Trump great.

        Are you pro-life as Donald Trump claims to be? I’ll let you in on a little secret: Donald Trump was Pro Choice up until right before he came out as a GOP candidate. He even supported the Clinton campaign (Bill’s) in word and probably with financial backing.

        “But he isn’t afraid to say how he honestly feels!” I really want you to read over that statement a few times and really think. That seems like a good thing on the surface, but do you really want a candidate who TRULY believes that the only Mexican’s that are here are rapists? Do you want a president who openly admits that if his daughter wasn’t his daughter, he’d date her (ew!)? Do you want a candidate who openly mocks those with disabilities during his speeches instead of focusing on any of the myriad of issues that voters need to know about?

        Oh and one more thing, since I’m pretty sure you are about to accuse me of this: No, I am not a hillary supporter in anyway, shape or form. And I don’t exactly “feel the Bern” 😉

        • Shirley

          Well said. The more I listen to him, the more self-centered and dangerous he is becoming. I’m not for Hillary or Bernie either. I think Trumps appeal is due to his “in your face” attitude. He’s fiery and fierce, but I have to ask myself; is this a power seeking strategy or is he genuinely concerned about our nation and its problems. I still don’t know who to vote for…

          • Lulabelle-a-bloggin

            You know who was also fiery and fierce, in your face? Hitler. 😛

          • Shirley

            My thoughts exactly.

          • KT

            Kasich is our only hope at this point.

        • zachary daniels

          If he is a tyrant why is your comment not censored… I see people saying he is going to ruin your lives, but I do not see media outlets blatantly censoring opposing opinions, he is not in control of the media, I would say democrats are. Trump does not like CNN but is he banning CNN? Do I see platforms ran by democrats stating speech that they disagree with hate speech? I do not see anything tyrannical happening in America. I want to hear what your response is as this is how people in society should act instead of telling over each other.

          • Lulabelle-a-bloggin

            No he has not banned CNN, but he has flat out called them “fake news” and at one point barred a CNN reporter from an event based on her-justifiable-questioning of policy during a press junket. Even Fox news came out and defended her and questioned his methods. When you start suppressing the press, that is the first step. As a former journalist who studied the subject in college, I don’t hardly recognize journalism in our society anymore.

          • Lulabelle-a-bloggin

            Alsom my comment has not been censored because we haven’t gone that far…..yet. A tyrant doesn’t ban free speech, suppress media, starve its citizens and kill it’s enemies in one day, it’s a process that is usually so slow, people can’t recognize what is going on until it is too late. But suppression of the media is a very clear sign that things may be going in the wrong direction.


        I agree with Mark Claytor. The article shows extreme bias on the author’s part. I know something about each of the 10 points, and know relevant information was left out. FOR INSTANCE; McCAIN. Maybe his Naval Academy record of FIFTH (5TH, for us dumbies) from the bottom of his graduating class, and his reckless crashing of planes, and the fact his fellow POW’s knew he was a ”snitch” to his captors. THAT is what Trump was getting at! RESEARCH McCain’s record. He was also known as a ”hothead”. I could add to each of your 10 points. You accuse Trump of being dangerous, but you could also be called that; leaving out important details to confuse and make Trump look bad, and his supporters made to look like the idiots you must thing they are. You DID NOT change my mind, because I know the real story behind each of the points. I was taught in school to tell the whole story. That is just like the polls so many like to rely on; they can be persuaded to show whatever the pollster wants. Your ”qualifiers” at the end of the article showed you were NOT really sure how your article would be received. Trump supporters are tough enough to take the truth of what YOU believe it to be. OR, as you must believe, we are all really too stupid for words. Your points are also full of HYPOTHETICALS, not all the facts. Why bother? I came away from the story feeling a bit like I had been bullied by you. HYPOCRITE comes to mind. You asked for opinions, and there you have mine.

      • Ashley

        How can you be in such denial? I’m scared for you……scared for us all. yikes.

      • AJ Bennett

        Mr. Claytor, I applaud you. You have managed to capture, in your response, the exact form of space used by your “hero” Mr. Trump. That being said, it should be no suppose to anyone that I believe you, like Donald, are a raging political idiot. Your statement has no facts, viable or otherwise, to despite what was said or support your argument. You are yelling and screaming about how everyone who disagrees with you is a socialistest or simply a liar, while not making any factual statements about why they are or what you even stand for yourself. You have no stated policy to back your idea that you are a conservative or that they are not, nor do you have any points for anyone to counter-argue, because you haven’t said anything worth arguing with. You have done what Trump does, that is, yell about how Trump is great and everyone bringing up policy issues or statements about Trumps lack thereof is obviously just not worth listening to and is a liar. So I applaud your ability to so capture the way Donald acts in your response, and I invite you to please, leave all the people having a reasonable discussion about policy and ideology alone and go yell at some children to make yourself feel powerful like I’m sure you spend your weekends doing anyway.

      • José J. Herring (@JoseJHerring)

        Poor fool, trying to make “America great again”, not fully realizing that where it’s not great it’s because of people like yourself.

      • Miguel Angel Salazar Oliva

        Hello, Mark.

        I believe: one of the coolest gugs of being a blogger is to write everything you want, without being scared of sharing it to the world. I don’t like Donald Trump or his supporters very much, and everyone that know’s me knows what I think of the man: a loathsome, ugly, little pile of bad bad stuff. He does not go like an ordinary candidate, I give him that; and I can see that the man goes up on voting… even winning the Super Tuesday… but (and there’s always a but) the man is an entertainer, not a politician… He’s a moron, not a thinking man:.. He does not want to hear a second opinion about any topic that’s not Donald Trump… and to be honest, I think Mr. Trump won’t win the election.

        Also, I’m a mexican, and as most of the non-US citizens, I don’t agree always with the tinking and way of life of the United States as much as I can assure you you don’t like most of OUR way of life. But, if Trump hasn’t learned anything, that would be tolerance, because, dear sir: TOLERANCE is what really makes AMERICA great… and I’m not talking about the common error of just naming the United States as America (remember, we live in the continent with the same name).

        I don’t expect you to agree with me in any of my previous points, but I wanted to talk about MY point of view… and any response I could generate, I’ll handle it.

        Thanks for reading me, if you do.

      • Elaine Pollard

        I think you’re drunk off of Trump-Aid. It amazes me that no matter how bad Trump is, his followers support him all the more. The man is a bullish, ill-bred, trashy bully. But he’s rich, so let’s give him a pass. He has not laid out a single plan for “making America great again” other than building a glorious wall, and perhaps kicking out Mexicans and Muslims. Yes, those things will “make America great again.” Oh, and by the way, every person who dislikes Trump and points out his many, many transgressions and faux pas is not an “Obamite”. I am black, conservative, and have been a Republican since 1996.

      • MSG David Lee Ell USA Retired thank y0u

        if you would take the time to look at Mcain’s real record yhou m ighgt change at least one of your vague opions. i support anything and every thing that benefits veterans. i have paid my dues.

      • Buck

        Darn Steve, I thought you were doing so well at the beginning and then you went right into the same old rhetoric. He’s a racisit, a bully, hates women, hates veterans. Strong opinions based off of minutes of exposure. You ARE drinking the media kool aide. You don’t know Trump, Hillary, or any one. You base your opinions on what the media feeds you. Is Trump perfect, of course not, but who is? Its always easy to say who isn’t qualified and criticize. The sad fact is he is the best option available and we should celebrate this day that we are sending a message to all ‘politicians’ that we aren’t going to put up with their crap anymore.

        • Steve Baldwin

          Hi Buck, I appreciate the feedback but, unless you yourself know Trump, what info are you being fed (other than from Trump’s own self proclamations) about him that I don’t have access to? Honestly, I don’t really need the media to tell me what to think about him. All it takes is watching him live and reading his tweets to see that he is both inept and corrupt.

      • David C. Hawk, U.S. Army, Ret.

        Couldn’t have said it better, Mark, you’re spot on.

        • Elaine Pollard

          It cracks me up that every time there’s an anti-Trump article people think that the author is pro-Obama. Quite honestly, there are a lot of similarities between Obama supporters and Trump supporters–a couple of the big ones are lack of critical thinking skills and being extremely dogmatic. One can be anti-Trump and anti-Obama simultaneously.

      • Jesus gonzalus

        God Speed! I’m writing an article, ” One thing I know about the writer of this article, He’s a bumbling idiot with no common sense!” TRUMP2016

      • Corinne Hayes

        I hope Mark Claytor that, hopefully, with a little research, you will educate yourself and realize that Trump is not only a pathological liar, he is a fraud, a deceitful man who suffers from a comprehension disability. That is why he cannot understand complex issues and why he is a child in a grown up body. His limited vocabulary is part of his comprehension disability. He is an ignorant man, and those who know him well will attest to this. We could tell you stories about his poor business negotiations, his many, many failures. None of his businesses were successful. He is not even a billionaire. Now that he is the republican nominee, a great deal of this will be discovered. PAY ATTENTION!!!!

        • David Bradon

          Who in this world doesn’t have many failures?

      • ATIMATIK

        Maybe you shouldn’t ASSume because when you ASSume you are basing things on your biased opinion and not that of facts.

        However, here is a FACT:

        If you “HATE” Trump you are either one of two things, or both:

        1) Illegal
        2) Ignorant

        • Jack


      • dakota

        Wow. That comment is proof of people blindly supporting a “bigoted narcissist”. Thanks Mark! Are you still overlooking his faults or has the most recent news woken you up?

        • Jack

          Please join me today in celebrating the begining of the GREATEST TIME IN AMERICA. JAN 20, 2017!


      • KC Fung

        To think Donald Trump is not a bigot or racist, as Mark Claytor has alleged, is ike the ostrich who buried his head in the sand. It is sad so many Americans are fooled big time by the biggest con-man of our time.

      • Jennifer A Burrelli

        Okay I did not read Past point one in this article because I realized if I do I’d be in for a long night. But to your first point to say that 5.5 million has been donated between 298 different charities would mean that if evenly donated to each charity would have received $18,000 and some change. So as seems to be the case leave Trump charity likes to spread thousands of dollars around to hundreds of charities as opposed to just pouring money into one charity which is very Noble in my opinion. So if we take this figure 18000 he gave three times the median amount 2 veterans in donation funds and I personally believe exactly what Trump says he will do and he will take care of our veterans. It would be nearly impossible to treat them any more disrespectful than they have been treated in recent years. And I am looking forward to them being treated with the amount of respect people treated them with when they were going to war

      • Rhonda Browen

        Mark, Obviously you are also a bigot and racist too to support his behavior yet deny it’s existence. The author is simply pointing out his opinion of the character of Trump supporters. Most of my family and many of my friends voted for Trump but are now becoming regretful in light of the things currently being made public. I must admit that I’ve had to take a second look at them and I feel some type of way about their true beliefs now. They are all labeling themselves as Christians; however having supported such an evil candidate. I have to agree with the point the author made. Our people Mark, are all Americans. I am waiting for a poll in a few years that tells us how many Trump supporters have benefited from his being in office…i predict only the 3% super rich..is that you Mark?

      • Kate Greentree

        M claytor, i second that emotion. the author of this drivel is a classic example of the irritating and hateful hypocrites of the new ‘Apologentsia. Its a sad indication of the first world moronothon being ran in the flaccid minds of the mentally pedestrian.. Too dimwitted to even notice their own contradictions or the woeful irrelevance of their petty niggles presented as valid arguments.

      • Jayna K Patriot

        You know what they say about ASSUMING

      • Tim

        This comment is 5 years after your your comment. You sir are still spot on with your assessment of Donald Trump. He was he greatest president our country has seen in decades. Unfortunately, there are the uninformed brainwashed Democrats that are dim enough to soak up and believe any misinformation thrown in front of them. As of now, after our rigged election, we now have a total non qualified President and Vice President that are a world wide mockery. Biden doesn’t know what day it is and is nothing more than a puppet guided by Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and Schumer. Even as a Democrat, if you can’t see a design that is undoing the fabric of our country, you had better wise up quick.

    • Greg

      This article is idiotic!! I could write similar articles for Hillary or Bernie and their supporters would look a lot more idiotic!! Oh, and not to mention anyone who voted for Obama, especially twice!! America is pissed off at the current administration and it’s willingness to force it’s ideology down the peoples throat! Trumps popularity is just that simple!! Americans are pissed and THE PEOPLE will decide who the next president is, not the establishment, the liberals(who by the way are a minority), or the media! This is a revolt, on politics as usual!! The left, the media, the rino establishment are running scared and doing what ever they can to take Trump out! They will have no effect on the outcome of this election!! And hopefully America has awakened enough to not let them EVER have an effect on future elections!!

      • manny

        So shut up and do it then.

      • Joseph Rodino

        Greg, you complain of us having things shoved down our throats (I agree with that assessment, btw), but defend your support of Trump by seemingly asserting that he will shove the RIGHT things down our throats. I probably don’t have to point out the irony there. Don’t you know that lots of people who like Obama (and yes, there are still, inexplicably, a lot of them) believe that HE has shoved the “right” things down our throats? My point being, America hasn’t been, nor will ever be, great because of ONE individual forcing their will on all of us, no matter how good their intentions might be. As a representative republic, America is designed to be governed by its citizens. For this reason, I feel the problem is our Congress, and we have just become too lazy to pay much attention to it. I theorize that most voters couldn’t name their own Congressional Representative and both their own Senators. It’s simply easier to focus on presidential races, get revved up for a year or so, and then go back to our lives. I’m not a Trump supporter, and who I support isn’t really germane to this point. We need to elect a Congress that is truly representative. Without that, we’re just at the whim of whoever can fool most of the people once every four years.

        • David Bradon

          That is an excellent point.

      • Raven simon

        As a Trump supporter..I can say you are far off. You missed the nail by a long shot and are instead spreading more hate and a very spued perspective. Why don’t you ask a trump supporter what they are fighting for..why they voted for Trump? To get change..you first need to ‘listen’ to both the opposing side and your side to really make a difference. This was an extremely misinformed article. Shame on you for being apart of the problem.

    • Wesley Campbell

      who would you like to see as president someone that will let muslims into this country so they can f*** (edited by moderator) up our world here they have been in that country since way before the u.s. and they can’t do anything name one thing they have done over there other then killing and destroy were rape is ok that say’s alot about women’s tretment is that what you want for your children or great or even your great great grand kids i do belive in helping others but safely and as far as trump he my do great things i don’t know but we all know what’s up there now all the way down to our on citys are currupt as hell and

    • Gary Carter

      HILLARY IS PERFECT SHE NEVER LIES….Cruz and Rubio are easy meat for her. Donald is our only chance to disturb the 250 millionaires in Congress. All but Trump and that includes you are bought and paid for by special interest. Good old boys like u don’t want the $$$$$ boat rocked. nice day

    • Danny allen

      Yes, you have pointed out a lot of things,. One thing you haven’t point out is who will do better. Most people are scare of all these new people allow in America , and they’re worried if they going to have a job or not. More people, less jobs. I like Ben Carson, but I dislike Clinton & SANDERS MORE TO THE POINT THAT I WOULD VOTE FOR TRUMP, THAN TAKE A CHANCE TO VOTE FOR BEN CARSON WHO ISNT UP IN THE POLLS. It’s a poor choice, but better than what’s offer

    • bud

      Kind of ironic this moron moron in number 4 is accusing bigotry against groups of people then posts something like this against groups that do not support the same loser they do.
      This is BS and stupid as is the author: The article is insulting, slanderous as well as opinionated without basis about those that support Trump.
      10 things about this idiot author of this propaganda
      1) Bigoted, groups people based on minimal information, much inaccurate. I am an American Veteran of 20 years and only the blind or ignorant would ignore what Trump has done for vets.
      2) Selectively listens, the disabilities imitation was disgusting, but turn up your volume and listen to the words… remember use your words.
      3) Is against God’s creation, the human body is the miracle God created.I am sorry you do not feel God’s creation is so distasteful? Do these women seem like they were forced into this line, no they did it voluntarily… but they are innocent and Trump is guilty huh… typical liberal logic.
      4) Duh… Look at who has been attacking us and how they are getting into this country to attack us.
      5) Is this author serious? So lets keep voting for politicians bought by special interest, but heaven forbid we vote in someone that is not controlled by the DNC or RNC like this pundit pushes.
      6) This is just a disgusting comment that violates many passages of the Bible including commandment referring to false witness as well as he who is without sin. Holier than thou people that attack another persons faith is pathetic, does the author know what is in his heart or the heart of those who support him more than God does.
      7) We believe in an America failed by establishment elite and politicians. Whimps that can’t handle the truth complain about being bullied and play the victim which is part of the problem in this country, everyone has a victim mentality.
      8) This one is so outrageously stupid in need not be addressed by any adult with a brain.
      9a) Who are the morons complaining they will not vote if Trump is the nominee? So they prefer hillary or bernie and this person accuses Trump supporters? kind of ironic.
      9b) Hmmm libs and the uninformed often vote on appearance rather than the facts…

      • Steve Baldwin

        Hi bud, first I want to thank you as a veteran for serving our country. I sincerely mean that.

        At the same time I do have to say that for your other points you have only reinforced my (and probably a lot of my readers’) assumptions.

        • Peaches

          Thanks for this article! Regarding earlier comment, if people were truly supporting Trump to avoid a politics-as-usual party controlling the White House, then they would consider voting for minority party candidates rather than a majority party candidate with close ties and married financial histories with both majority parties in the past.

          I’d also like to make the point that the idea that speaking your mind and considering yourself not beholden to media or popular opinion is, in my opinion, not a good thing. Trade balances and wars and shifting global alliances are made or broken with extreme tact and diplomacy, with handshakes and meetings. This isn’t merely a “politics as usual” mindset either. Many global business alliances are also made and broken with hours and hours of private meetings before contracts are ever discussed. A fly-off-the-handle, no filter POTUS would be very detrimental to America’s already slipping position within the global leaders.

        • Melody Kay Young

          Yep. Absolutely. And this piece nails everything I’ve been torn apart by people I trusted for saying out loud. People are free to think for themselves and vote on conscience. I can’t tell others what to do, but I can share my own experience. I have lived abroad and always loved my country. Lately I am embarrassed at the level of hate-to the point that I as an Anerucan citizen am told to go back to the UK for having an opinion. I’m out of many circles including the party I loved because of such hostility. The controlling bullying isn’t American. If I want to leave GOP and be Independent so be it. If a blogger wants to share their observations and opinion, they can. If someone wants to vote Trump they can. If they feel guilty about it, that’s on them, not a blogger who points out issues they refuse to face. If a lot of people are feeling the same way, maybe it’s worth considering. But it’s a free country if you want it to be. If I refuse to vote Trump, that’s my right. My conscience will be clear that I stood on my life experience and principles. That is freedom. And I think the Bible says some stuff about not being slaves of men too.

    • David McConville

      Not “honest’ thoughts,,, biased thoughts…wrong word.

      • Steve Baldwin

        To say that these are not what I honestly think would be an assumption on your part. But also please take the time to read the author’s note at the end of the article.

        • jamesrovira

          Given the fact that Trump’s public comments have led to condemnation by Evangelical public figures such as Matt Walsh and Max Lucado, I think this essay here is a relatively mild rebuke of Trump. Defending Trump from all criticism now, especially after he refused to condemn the KKK (how can anyone claim to be so ignorant as to not know of David Duke and the KKK? — but Trump actually did condemn the Clan and Duke in the 90s), identifies you as a racist and a bigot, and I feel no need to be polite to you.

        • Andrea

          My parents always warned me about assuming. “Assuming makes an ass out of you and me.” You’ve done an awful lot of assuming in this article and therefore it lacks merit.

    • Dennis Michael Di Vico

      We don’t have to like every aspect of his character to think he’ll be the best choice to help our country. Trump may not be perfect, but at least he’s not fake.

      • Jack


    • Belinda Garnier

      An obviously Hillary Clinton supporter

    • Craig Hardy

      Everyone should heed his warnings. Trump is a fraud. He would have run as a Democrat but knew he couldn’t get the nomination with Hillary in the race. He is a lifelong liberal who hijacked the Republican party. He cannot defeat Hillary due to his unprecedented high negatives. People need to get behind Cruz to stop him.

    • jeffrey

      everyone running for potus is owned by a billionaire and many corporations and just plain old millionaires trump isnt hes self funded he owes nobody hes not a puppet he can fix things without a master telling him what to do everything this article spewed was taken out of context and put together with hate you dont see trump supporters rioting or threatening people or suppressing their freedom of speech or blocking off a highway or threatening peoples lives (black panthers)

        • Sandy

          I’ve never understood why being a self-made billionaire and using your own money to buy an election is somehow more noble and makes you qualified to lead the most powerful nation in the world? All this tells me is that our campaign finance system is so utterly broken and corrupt that we think this narcissistic, ego-maniac by virtue of the size of his wallet should lead us. We will never get the candidates this nation truly needs until this is fixed.

          • Jack

            BUILD THE WALL.

    • Sallys Fields

      Well the outcome of this election kind of put this article to shame I’d say

      • Steve Baldwin

        Thanks for reading, Sally. I suggest, however, you reread section 9 where I openly state I cannot predict who would win and then look at the 2 possible results.

    • Cj

      Funny months later the Dems are full of Vilent and hate actions. Trump 2020 america is becoming great again. Now. Ps you can say things like this about anyone. Clinton. Deplorable. Decent Rapist. Let husband rape woman and say in marriage. Fule lies kill people in Benghazi. She’s a murder then like trump Hates Vets. Day after he just helped the VA big Leauge. Pop server. I served be it as a surgeon And I love trump. Lincoln, Kennedy , Trump. 3 favorite. Trump until 2024 (if economy up 1% it’s a guarantee and marker I’m up 892k net value who hates that about trump. VP Pence 2025-2032. Donald jr or Jared 2033 to 2040. It will be to 2041 before Dems have a shot at the president. And country will be drained of BS politicians and we close off boarders. Stop welfare and immigration and build out Militart. Put Americans first screw the outside And when we are not 20 trill buried and every USA citizen is works and wealthy. Then we can help the poor and lazy and then outer countries. Till then America Only. What other country helps up with money for our poor or uninsured. It’s a joke. Trump I love you. 2020 reelect President Donald Trump. The man to run the business of America. America becoming Great Again

  2. Micah Gafford

    I’ve voted constitution party in every election I’ve been eligible. I find it saddening that you, like far too many other Christians, “settle” and actually vote for a lesser of two evils candidate. I don’t care if voting for the right candidate didn’t utilize the best potential vote against the worst one. That’s not my concern nor should it be. I vote for the person whose character and principles are the most biblical and is the most willing to fulfill their actual oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

    I also really wanted to write a 9 things I assume about bloggers that write a post about Trump good or bad. It would have things like; regardless of their actual views their real desire is better seo, link bait is better than content; social media blitz only works if it’s hot button items, etc ?? just teasing ha ha

    • Steve Baldwin

      I think the choice to vote entirely on principle as opposed to the lesser of 2 evils is totally valid. Never has that seemed more clear than now. Though I do see both sides of the argument.

      How’s this for my next link bait article, which would be real short: The 1 single invalid way to “vote”….. 1) To not show up at the polls to vote at all.

      • Micah Gafford

        HAHA, that’s terrible too! :-þ

      • Sarah

        100 percent agree.

    • Jack

      America has had several immagration time outs historicaly. It would be smart to build a wall and stop immagration for a period of time to allow everyone here to be Americanized.

  3. Shane

    This article really pissed me off. The author takes snippets and biased liberal “reports” and states them as proof of Trumps biases and the people who support him. Not only is this article full of holes it actually shows laziness in writing and actual facts. I do like Trump, but I also am not a lazy ignorant person. I do agree Trump speaks his mind, and that is the whole point. One of the main reasons he gets attacked from both sides is his ability to harshly attack the liberal agenda and politics as usual.
    1. Trumps statement was not an attack on vets. I am a vet. What he said was taken out of context. His point was all veterans should be taken care of… Not just pandered to or overstepped.
    2. again taken out of context. He didnt make fun of disabilities, he made fun and dug put the truth of the liberal media to hide the facts: Muslims Terrorist Sympothizers Exist in Muslim Churches in Ametica!!! This is not saying all muslims are terrorist but a call to step up their leadership to cease all ties to tyranny and murder.
    3. Trump has promoted and increased female rights and exexutive roles more than any other businessman. Most of his statements are again taken out of context because he is brash and bold. It doesnt infer a low self image. In fact the writers logic here is the exact logic he so blantantly says he cant stand.
    4. Do what? Trump is against illegal immigration. Hes against allowing terrorist “refugees” walk into america. This is very constitutional. We have to protect our country and it starts with a strong homeland border. We can fight for freedom on every shore but if we dont secure our freedom here what good will it do. This doesnt mean hes intolerant, it actually sets guidelines and boundaries to a system that has been dead and gone.
    5. Maybe we need to define the word tolerant. It does not mean excusing or allowing truths to bee void. This is the great void in America and the whole of constitutional verasity if we do not retake its place. Too long we have stayed the sidelines of passivity, and too long has the media blinded us to the truth.
    6. again if we use logic, this does not add up its just more fluff wirhout evidence. If he was sating whatever then tgese liberal critics wouldnt be upset and his argument would be null and void. Again, very lazy writing. Trump is very firm on his beliefs, america has got to either lead or die. His policies on international economy, national responsubility, and real executive leadership by business development and straight line action fly in the face of our current appeasement.
    7. Compromised??? Again another fallacy from illicit evidence. Were lowering our standards by calling a chicken a chicken?? I dont personally know where Trump stands with Christ. I am working thru that process as I research him and listen. My vote for president should be based on whom i believe can best lead. Sure i would love for that man to be a believer, but if he is a great leader who is open to fighting and finding truth, maybe He will accept the truth, or perhaps he has and is wanting to let people have the freedom of religion. This doesnt mean i leave him out of maintaing truth, justice, love for others, or violating biblical commands.
    8. Bullying…. I dont think so. Trump is being Trump. And in most cases it makes people uncomfortable. Maybe that is the authors problem. I see hardly any evidence of policy or practice in this article. Its as if this writer has a perceived perspective and is willing to scew tge evidence in that direction. Trump followers come from all walks, most lije hin because of his down to earth, feet getting dirty, business savy, and political set rightness. Its not about cfeels good or sounds good, but what is actually good.
    9. Dictatorial control comes from a lack of checks and balances, a lack of a leader with whom accontability and responsibilty resides. One who can bypass the rights of the people, its legaslitive branch, and take power control. One whom swades people with lies and deceit, masking devstation, reality, and economic stability by baiting and hooking media. Such one exists now, will we continue to swallow the pill of sedation. Or will we wake up to find ourselves encombered by shakles and waning nutrition from fluff. Trump may not have all the answers, he may not have evangelical perspective or faith, he may speak his mind and be brash. One thing i do know he is a wake up call to oir senses and a key for allowing enterprise and captialism be freed from its oppression.

    • Steve Baldwin

      First, thank you for your feedback. It’s good to hear your perspective.

      Second, thank you for your service to our country. I mean that sincerely. Without people like you we wouldn’t have the freedom to have this conversation.

      Few quick questions concerning your thoughts:

      One, not sure I would consider resources like National Review as “liberal” media. What do you use as your primary sources?

      Two, are you comfortable with every single statement he has made?

      Three, you mention checks and balances. Do you feel those have worked sufficiently with all past administrations, including the current one?

      And would you feel comfortable enough to trust that system of checks and balances if a liberal were in the white house with the exact same temperament as Trump?

      • Pam

        Well Said, and great article!

        • Steve Baldwin

          Thanks for reading, Pam

        • Jack

          MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN since 2017.


      • Richard Gilchrist

        Interesting that you would ask another person with an opposing opinion for sources, when yours are all based on supposition and hearsay. Social media is filled with these hit pieces on candidates that are truly nasty, and are founded on simply trying to pass along conjecture as fact. You are ready to judge someone’s opinion on every possible category based on what you “think” they meant on one occasion, or on why you “think” they said something twenty-five years ago. You assume plenty. That certainly isn’t honest thinking. As someone that has served as a contractor with the military, and still is involved there were plenty of good men I’ve known that received student deferments. I received two, one was in high school and the other was attending college. Do you ‘assume’ I’m anti-military? Plenty of healthy men have been turned down for service and appeared healthy. Errol Flynn being one, and he was once considered the perfect specimen of action. There are medical journals that approach this topic regarding men that have been successful athletes and were turned down for service due to medical reasons from issues with their respiratory system, blood, feet, vision, heart murmurs and the list goes on. Do you have insight on Trump’s medical records, or is this just more one-sided assumption? Before you trash another man as a hypocrite and coward, do you honestly think about the possibilities that you’re acting on narrow-mindedness? I have no insight to the soul of Trump, or Rubio or Sanders, but I do know a judgmental person that bears false witness and then claims to be a honest thinker and drags God into the mix. He’s not my choice for president, but he’s done more for vets, brought more attention to the plight of vets and will continue to help vets more than you have or ever will, and you judge him as lacking in that regard. When did you serve?

        • Steve Baldwin

          Thank you for your response. A few things in response to some of your comments:

          “Interesting that you would ask another person with an opposing opinion for sources, when yours are all based on supposition and hearsay. Social media is filled with these hit pieces on candidates that are truly nasty, and are founded on simply trying to pass along conjecture as fact.”

          Shane had made the accusation that I used snippets of biased liberal reports as my sources and that I was lazy with my facts. This is in spite of the fact that 3 of the 5 sources that I directly cited are known to be either extremely conservative (National Review) or often right of center (Forbes and The Daily Beast). The assumptions about supporters are my own opinions but aside from the 5 specific news sources I referenced every single other statement and action from Trump that I reported were found in multiple legitimate news sources. If there was any question about a statement or the source was fishy or if I did not find it in multiple locations I tossed it out. But I’m a blogger and not an investigative journalist so if those multiple well regarded news sources were inaccurate or misprepresentative, then you will need to take it up with them. Social media was never a source (other than providing a YouTube clip – but even Trumps statements there I confirmed in multiple other sources).

          Because Shane proceeded to accuse me of false information and levied opposing information without reference, I think it is only legitimate for me to inquire what his sources were. You do not get to levy accusations and accuse someone of dishonesty and laziness if you do not have the research to back what you are saying. Regardless, my question was less accusational as authentically wanting to know. Truth is important to me. If you will read the many other comments on this thread I am very open to correction and admitted whenever the other commenter was correct. If you or Shane have information that I don’t have from legitimate sources (other than social media or opinion or hearsay as you so rightly point out are not legitimate) then please provide it. I will gladly read and correct myself.

          “As someone that has served as a contractor with the military, and still is involved there were plenty of good men I’ve known that received student deferments.”

          In regards to the veteran issue, I do not have a problem with individuals who have received deferments. My issue is entirely with Trump’s statements. His only defense for his unconscionable statement about McCain’s POW status was to say that he was better on veterans issues than McCain, yet nothing in his life seems to reflect that – thus the reason I cited his record. If you are going to make that kind of claim (against a military hero) then your record (from your giving to your service) better show it.

          There are plenty of news sources to confirm that Trumps actions do not match up to his claim and you will see that it’s not just me who consider his words to be a slap in the face to all Vets:


          As well as that Trump’s statements about McCain are simply false:

          “Before you trash another man as a hypocrite and coward, do you honestly think about the possibilities that you’re acting on narrow-mindedness? I have no insight to the soul of Trump, or Rubio or Sanders, but I do know a judgmental person that bears false witness and then claims to be a honest thinker and drags God into the mix.”

          You seem to have made an awful lot of assumptions about me based solely on 1 small section of 1 blog article. I hope you realize the irony.

          “but he’s done more for vets, brought more attention to the plight of vets and will continue to help vets…”

          Other than Trump’s own self-claims and his last minute raising of money just before the primaries, please provide me information on this. I am unaware of what exactly what it is he has done. I’m with you that I would not want to rely on supposition and hearsay, so would be happy to look at any information and correct myself where necessary.

          “When did you serve?”

          I did not, but I do not make the claim that I’m better than or have done more for veterans than a war hero like McCain. And I’m not running for president.

          • Marie

            **resounding applause**

            Mr. Baldwin – You, sir, are my hero; I laud your dedication to the pursuit of intelligent (and informed!) exchange, as well as your apparently infinite patience. Bravo.

          • Steve Baldwin

            Thanks, Marie

          • siobhan3270

            Most of your claims to Trumps behavior can easily be seen on YouTube videos out of Trumps own mouth. And when I have prevented 8, 10,15 minutes of video to a Trump supporter they just shrug and say “Well he didn’t mean it that way.” This is exactly what we hear with Obama. They are making him what they want him to be, not what he actuallyis.

      • Schieler


        Until we eradicate the electoral voting system, I’m curious why either of you two think this discussion actually matters. Debating for the sake of debating with the inferred perception that your vote actually counts; or until the United States Of America can even prove to you as a citizen that it counts on a singularly level is equivalent to watching political satire.

        • Jack

          The electoral college was just fine with you loosers until you lost. It is designed to avoid mo rule….which is what a Democracy is. That is why AMERICA is REPULIC . Read a book.

      • Robert James

        Please do another article using some of the same facts regarding Hillary Clinton. If she is what you think America needs, well………. perhaps you don’t know me or other Republicans like you think. It’s easy to take a side and then wallow away with the press–a big part of the problem–and use their “facts” as the primary source for your argument. Donald is bad, yes, but what has been accomplished in the last eight years? Any resolution to the IRS scandal? I don’t think so. Any resolution to Benghazi? I don’t think so. Any resolution to the VA crisis that is ongoing daily? I DAMN SURE KNOW IT IS NOT FIXED! and on and on. There are plenty of problems for everyone in DC to fix, but they are shaking hands with those that put cash in their hands. There are NO WINNERS in this political race. And please don’t “assume.” You know the result. Everyone does not have to believe you or your thoughts to be correct in their own way. That’s why we have choices.

        • Steve Baldwin

          Hi Robert,

          I don’t believe I ever said Hillary is what America needs.

    • Joe Ureneck

      Well said. Thanks for saving me the time and energy to write the same.

      The ‘bullying’ argument is really lame. Those who argue it want to put people in jail for ‘insulting’ others. Talk about ‘fascism’.

      • Steve Baldwin

        Not sure I’ve heard the putting people in jail argument. At least not from anyone I know or have read. And I certainly wouldn’t support it…not unless it was physical violence. Have you read it somewhere?

      • Jack

        RED LION

    • Cyndi

      You are so right. I wrote done a lot of the same things you did when going through this hateful blog. 1. I’m very supportive of our military and veterans.
      2. I don’t even think that the video was even about that man. Non issue about his qualifying. (Trump has weird hair. been mocked! lol)
      3. I’m a mature lady that realizes that we make mistakes and bad choices in life that we are not proud of. I also think very differently than I did in the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and the 2000’s. A lot more people get divorced and remarry.
      Mr. Steve Baldwin says “Could it be if you are female and support Trump, you simply think less of yourself and could it be if you are male and support Trump you are just less of a man” I am a strong, self supporting, Christian American and the men that I know that support him are real confident men that want FREEDOM not handouts.
      4. Shane, You are right on Trump want to stop the infiltration of terrorists and protect the citizens. Mr. Baldwin, calling us Bigots and Racist is very hateful. I love my country and all the people. Some of the people coming here demand more and get more privileges than our citizens. Some of them hate us and want to kill us. (research that!)
      5. So TRUMP has said nice things about Obama, Hillary, Pro-choice, Planned parenthood,etc. So he has changed his mind on these issues… … so have I. They are not what I thought they were back earlier in my life. Trump was a business man that knew how to play the game (which included probably buying politicians) He’s not accepting money from any of them now. So NO FAVORS
      6. A lot of Christians can quote scriptures and don’t read the bible as much as they should.
      So you stated twice TRUMP is not a christian. Only GOD knows his heart. Who made you the Judge? Do you think Obama is a christian? He has misquoted scriptures.
      7. Bullying I felt like I was being bullied in this article.
      8. Shane, I agree with your comments totally

      Mr Baldwin, Why don’t you just be fair and write up a blog on all the candidates displaying all their accomplishments and anything good about their character. I wish to have a list like this to base my opinion on not just their same old biased (sometimes untrue) faults.

      • Steve Baldwin

        Thank you for your feedback, Cyndi. Though I am perplexed, if you are bothered by my “bullying” and consider it hateful, why does it not bother you coming from Trump?

        • Erin

          Steven, you are displaying narcissistic traits as well by attempting to turn the tables on Cyndi. She was pointing out that by the definition cited by you in your blog that you were being a bully. How dare you condemn women for thinking less of themselves because they support Trump. Was he POTUS when he had the affairs?

          Do you agree with every statement ever made by any one person? I don’t.

          Is Bergdahl a hero? He served and was a POW. McCain stuck by the code that you cannot accept awards from your captors. My citation for that is from my boyfriend who served 13 years as a forward observer in the army. McCain survived horrendous torture but he is not the same as Audie Murphy. McCain is a hero by serving but bat a WAR hero.

          Trump’s standing with God is between him and God. All Christians understand this concept. You can’t claim that he isn’t a Christian at all.

          For future reference when trying to open a dialogue, pay attention tone of your blog and maybe ask for help understanding why a person would support Trump. Degrading a person for their opinions out the gate will stifle constructive dialogue.

          • Steve Baldwin

            Thanks for your input, Erin.

            I’m not sure why you consider that turning the tables, however. It was a legitimate question that I am seriously seeking to know the answer to. You state that I should “ask for help understanding why a person would support Trump” and that is exactly what I was doing.

            You yourself are concerned about my tone and accuse me of being degrading – yet nothing I have said even pales in comparison to the type of derogatory language Trump says to and about others. And this is in one blog post as opposed to Trump’s constant twitter feed of attacking others. Thus, I am honestly perplexed why you and others continue to support him if you are bothered and offended by my own “straight talk.” Why get offended at me but praise him for the same thing (and actually much worse)…and he’s running for the highest office in the land?

            I would love the open dialogue and seriously hope that someone will answer me that so I can have a better understanding, as opposed to automatically calling me “narcissistic” or some other name just for asking it – and often never coming back to actually engage in dialogue further about it. As I have mentioned and demonstrated multiple times throughout the comments to this blog, I will listen and am very correctable. But people need to take the time to help me understand – rather than simply attack back themselves.

            In the meantime, I highly recommend when you get a chance that you read my post about dialogue titled “The Political Correctness of being Politically Incorrect.”

          • Jack

            Audie Murphy would have voted or TRUMP

        • Ronda

          Trump is the one being bullied. By everone and all the republic canidates. Thats all they talk about. Not talking about what they will do for America just talking about everthing that Trump does and says which half thge time isnt true.

          • Steve Baldwin

            Could you let us know which things they are saying aren’t true?

      • Steve Baldwin

        As further follow up, a few comments:

        2. That Trump was referring specifically to Mr. Kovaleski (the disabled gentleman) in the video has never been in question. Trump does not even deny that. He only denies that he was actually mocking him when he said it. Can I presume that since you say it’s a non issue that you are comfortable with what Trump did in the video, and if you are that mocking someone’s disability is no different than mocking someone’s hair?

        3. Many of Trump’s degrading statement to and about women of have happened only within the past year. I am not concerned about whether a man is confident but about whether he is willing to stand up to someone who degrades women.

        4. “Some of the people coming here demand more and get more privileges than our citizens.” I think that statement speaks for itself.

        5. “Trump was a business man that knew how to play the game (which included probably buying politicians)” I think that statement also speaks for itself.

        6. Quoting scripture is not a qualification for being a Christian or not. You are correct. But let me quote some scripture here: “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there.” (Gal 5:22-24) Do you feel like these qualities fit Mr. Trump? You are right, no one of us can really ultimately be judge. In addition, not one of us is perfect and all of us fail at this at times (me included). However, that is why God offers us grace and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Since Mr. Trump has openly stated he does not seek forgiveness, I can only assume he is comfortable being exactly the way he is and does not consider himself to sin. Of course, that brings to mind another verse, “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8)

        Again, thank you for your feedback. If I have come across as hateful to you, then I apologize. My guess is you are probably a very loving person who truly loves our country. My concern is just making sure you and other supporters are fully aware of who you are choosing to represent you and what you believe makes up a great America. My assumptions are based (and yes they are purely assumptions) entirely on the fact that you and other Trump supporters continue to support him and, therefore, are totally comfortable with all that he says and does.

        • Gail

          I think most people would vote for anyone to keep Hillary out of office. Which is the lesser of two evils? We need change but they are all liars and will promise anything to get a vote. I also don’t favor the electoral voting system. Just let the American people chose who will lead them. But…..how can we the people make a difference?

        • David Bradon

          I voted for Trump, but no I’m not comfortable with a lot of things Trump has said. On that note I was far more disgusted with Hilary, choosing neither was not an option, because if enough people had done that, then Hilary would have won, so I had to pick the lesser of two evils and for me that was Trump.

          • Jack

            Time to roll up our sleeves and CLEAN UP THE MESS CALLED OBAMACARE.

      • Charlie

        Great response, Cyndi!

    • Roger E Carmichael, BSME

      SPOT ON > Trump is answer to US CORRUPT 2-party system where an Independent American has to disguise himself as one of the parties just so he has a CHANCE to get himself elected. Ross Perot proved a qualified Independent 3rd party is SHUT OUT gets ZERO votes in electoral college system
      Since US ed. has “dumbed down” last 2 generations, Trump has to get down to their ignorant level of comprehension and speak in terms the NEW generation of voters can understand. As for mysogeny, Trump has a Ring finger longer than Index finger> scientific studies say that indicates an AFFINITY for women (like I do). Trump said he saw 1000s of Muslims celebrating 9/11> they DID, in every state of the Union, like Muhammed Ali said, “They were ON TV” and in every one of the 52 states> take that
      Its NOT Bigotry to say there’s a group of PPL who want to commit crimes against US> not his doing
      IF Christians followed the Bible’s Old Testament like Muslims follow Qoran’s Old Testament, then they too would “put gays to death” Leviticus 20;13 but they don’t do they, so Trump accepts Christians
      Anyone who says Trump is NOT a Christian doesn’t understand that Trump is NOT a Phony Christian one who profecces to follow Bible, but mostly DOESN’T> Lord knows there’s plenty of Phonies in US

      • Steve Baldwin

        Thank you Roger for your input. Let me make sure I understand some of your key points: Trump has to disguise himself as something other than what he is in order to get elected, he speaks on an ignorant level because his voters are ignorant, because of his biology he can’t control himself with women, and whatever faith should be legitimate in the US is dependant on whatever Trump accepts? Would that be an accurate summation of your points?

      • Micah Gafford

        Roger, I don’t want to start a religious flame war but I gather you really don’t understand either Islam or Christianity with the statements made. The best I can guess at for what you think is the “Qoran’s[sic] Old Testament” is their abrogated sections. Those sections are actually the ones that talk about peace and were made null by later writings that contradicted them and instructed the much more violent views. It’s surprising to most to find out that the beheading, murder, and mutilation of people goes on today by well respected countries and not just the “extremists.”
        Even countries the USA considers allies like Saudi Arabia.

      • Lisa

        When did we get 2 more states?

    • Steven Chandler

      thank you I feel the same way, very well said

    • Jim

      Thank you Shane that was a perfect response ! I felt the same way when I read the article. It is poorly written and sounded more like tabloid story than journalism.

    • John Sipe

      Wow you nailed but good my friend !The author was slinging crap not facts he was ‘assuming over and again! As for what he said about McCain whom I voted for BTW was exactly how I feel about McCain in the ‘ hero’ bracket . A hero is not one who was captured but a person that wemnt above and beyond the call of duty while in action ! ‘HERO’ is so over applied today it is defamming to real HEROES !

      • Jack

        Prescripion opiods have become the most common drug of abuse in America under OBAMACARE. Enough said.

    • Renee Harding Morris

      I am not a fan to Trump, but I happen to agree with you. I think he will make a difference even if for only one term. He also has the love and respect from and for his family. That is a stand up guy in my opinion.

    • Tony

      Lazy writing? Check your grammar and punctuation before you accuse someone of being lazy in the very thing you failed miserably.

      • Martha Cooke Austin

        Thank you Tony! I hold no condemnation for someone who is not the greatest speller (although we DO have spellcheck!) or doesn’t know how to use perfect grammar in his/her writing, so I have been sitting on my hands as I’ve TRIED to decipher some of these comments that simply made no sense because of their poor spelling and atrocious grammar. Sadly, most of these comments were trying, I think, to attack the author of the blog. Agree or disagree with this blogger, but unless you are a prolific scholar and writer, don’t attack Steve on his masterful writing skills and his perfect command of the English language. You will lose! Before an ardent Trump supporter launches a rant at me, I’ll just confess: I do agree with the blogger! Now this old retired English teacher can put this, and herself, to bed!

    • Wendy


    • Cathie Mouring

      There is nothing good I can say about Trump. Truly. However, there is still some good left within the Republican party. Some good people who have maintained their character as they serve, supporting principles that are core to our country’s Constitution. It is for them that I cannot silence my vote, allowing another with poor character (and a criminal) to win in a party that has precepts that go against all I believe in.

      The anti-Trump movement within the Republican party is distracting wonderfully from the truth of Hillary and the intense danger she presents to the country. I am not convinced that this isn’t a part of the intended process, too, making those falling for it tools to accomplish their evil.

      I also find that those in the anti-Trump movement are proving themselves to be their own brand of name-calling and judgmentalism towards those who have their own convictions that differ from their’s in regards to how they will vote (or not vote) this year. There are many who are contemplating voting for Trump for the reasons I listed, looking past the offensive man to the rest of the party and process. One thing we do still have in our country is its checks and balances setup. Those who will be doing so against whoever ends up on our “throne” as president need our prayers more than ever.

      • Jack

        Embrace your NEW PRESIDENT.
        BUILD A WALL.
        DEFEAT ISIS.

        MERICA! TRUMP YEh!

  4. Mike Grega

    I think we are just fed up with the politics of government and the same old same old group of people who run our Country. I feel the AHC act is the hair that broke the camels back (for me anyway).
    Plus there’s the fact that all our elected officials are secrete dicks, at least Trump isn’t hiding that fact. I feel that he will do good; not great. But I think he will help the true middle class, small business owners out. I also feel he will fix a lot of the loopholes that the upper class have been taking advantage of. I feel he knows how things work better then anybody running (business-wise). However I feel R. Paul is more knowledgeable in world politics. But right now I think we need more focus on home economics.

    Then my antithetical background kicks in and I realize that there are only two realistic votes as of today, I see it as a Hillary / Trump campaign,… any other votes are a waste. There’s no way I’m voting for Hillary, I mean even Bill choose a different person. ;-\

    • Steve Baldwin

      Yes, I’m fed up, too. Just not sure I want the solution to be someone who dehumanizes others or has the potential to polarize and bully through their own agenda (in same manner AHS was). Having someone willing to bully for you to get things done works great as long as it matches your own desires. But Trump is way too much a question mark for me to always know what his real agenda is.

      Thanks for your input.

      • Beverly Wells

        I’m not sure where to go with this article, as I see electing any other candidate will be business as usual. We already have a lame congress, who does nothing to stop the madness of the current white house resident. I think much of what Trump speaks is what we citizens would like to say, but have no platform, except through Trump. Although he is brash, he is savvy of much that this country needs, to overcome the weak perception that our enemies have of us, as a nation.

        • Steve Baldwin

          Thanks for your input, Beverly.

  5. Amanda Croft Boyd

    Thank you for summing up everything I have been thinking about Trump and his supporters. I just don’t understand how people can be so blind about a man that is obviously unhinged.

  6. P. R. Goughnour

    Trump is the only candidate who has not been bought by one organization or the other. His experiences as a business person, whose main job, if they are to be successful , is to solve problems. In the morass we call Washington, DC., we are desperately in need of a problem solver instead of a problem maker, the likes of which we have had way too long.

    • S. Bell

      You said only candidate not to be bought…do you mean democrat and republican? Because if you want a candidate who hasn’t been bought by anyone besides the people, look to Bernie Sanders. Now, I know, I know, he’s a “socialist” blah blah blah, but for me (im very much an independent voter) I believe he’s the only candidate who is truly in touch with the American people. He never rides first class, always in the economoy seating. He came up from a very poor family in Brooklyn, is one of 2 senators who marched on Washington during the Civil Rights Movement, and has yet to take a single penny from any big corporation. You may not love all of his policies, but you can’t say they’re not proven to work (I.e. Free education in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark and free healthcare in the UK and many Scandanavian countries). I’m curious to see, if he is elected, how his policies could work in such an individualistic society, but I know he has my vote strictly because he knows what the people want and how they want it. I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors, as I’m writing this at 4:25 a.m., and I realize this could be a very unpopular opinion in a conservative forum, but it’s worth the read if you’re interested. Have a blessed day, all!

      • Cyndi

        You might need to check into the Free stuff in these other countries… Not all as good as we might think. Source: Internet and
        Friend from England with children still living there

        • Martha Cooke Austin

          Cyndi, I did check with someone in Spain. She was brought up in a conservative political family in the US, so she has no reason to tell me what I want to hear for political reasons. Her husband is FROM Spain, and they have gone back there to live with his mother for three years for him to get an advanced degree in pharmacology because it is free. In addition, she is a registered nurse and mother of two, so she was able to give me the pros and cons of socialized medicine. This is what she wrote: “People who work have a certain amount deducted from their pay checks and receive free healthcare at all levels. There is no problem with long waits to see a doctor when you or a child is sick. The medical care is excellent. The only con is there IS a longer wait to see a doctor for non life threatening problems – such as Orthopaedic problems which might require surgery (not injuries, etc.).” As a personal note I would add that I am a 68 year-old retired teacher on Medicare with a Medicare supplement which is provided to me by the State of NC as a part of my retirement benefits. I have had several surgeries over the past several years, and it has taken me up to three months several times to see the right specialist. Bernie calls his plan “Medicare for all”, and I am as satisfied with Medicare as I ever was with any other health insurance I had during the 32 years that I taught school.

  7. S.M. Smith

    I am not a Trump supporter and I agree with what you’ve posted. However the one thing I do want to point out is that though in America we says Second Corinthians, First Kings, Third John, etc.. when we are talking about books of the Bible, in England (and possibly other countries, but I only know England for sure) it is not uncommon for people to say “Two Corinthians”, “One Kings”, “Three John”, etc.. It may seem strange to us, and Trump may be American and therefore should know how American’s say it especially if he is going to claim Christianity, but in of itself to be almost “making fun” of how he said it would be doing the same to our English brothers and sisters. I did the same until my relatives and friends in England informed me of how they say it.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Yeah, to be truthful I can give him a pass at that. In fact I’m usually quick to forgive or defend most politicians on both sides for simple slips of the tongue like that where media tends to be unforgiving. I just included it just to show the # of different things that added up and decided to have fun with it. But you are correct. Though I believe he said it was because of his Scottish mother and just the other day I asked a Christian friend from Scotland if the said it that way and she said emphatically no. But perhaps different parts of Scotland since part of UK?

    • Martha Cooke Austin

      S.M., I understand perfectly what you are saying in terms of the British way of citing scripture. However, since you do agree with the blogger about Donald Trump, I’m sure you’re aware that the issue here is Trump’s claims of what a good Christian he is versus his veritable lack of knowledge in how to even cite a passage of scripture! It appears to be just one more nail in his coffin full of lies and false claims.

  8. Sarah

    I personally loved your article and will be sharing it with friends and family. I am not particularly religious and I typically do not identify with Evangelical Christians, but you hit home with so many of your points. I appreciate you giving (what I thought was) a fair, honest, and bipartisan look at the man that is bringing shame to our presidential campaign. My dislike for him goes far beyond dislike and my fear of what he would do to this country goes way beyond fear.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks, Sarah.

  9. Laurel Shaler

    You know what they say about people who assume…

    • Steve Baldwin

      To be fair I actually believe there are many Trump supporters who are normally loving, caring folks. I chose the word “assume” (for which you are the 1st person who has brought that up in 15,000 views so I’m shocked) because I wanted supporters to be aware of the perception they are giving in their unwavering support.

      It’s the fact that loyal supporters never seem to criticize anything Trump says or does that makes me assume their views are either one and the same with his or they are supporting something contradictory to their own values. And let’s face it, overall he’s really just not a nice person and definitely lacking in humility.

      On a side note, my usual response to the “know what assuming does” question is, “Yes, it makes an a** out of u in front of me.” ?.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  10. Steve Baldwin

    For those wondering about Trump’s shifting positions: https://stream.org/trump-already-veering-left/

  11. Jason

    This was fantastically written, and the comments and responses were a pleasure to read. Thank you, all of you, for your time.

    I find myself observing the bigotry, misogyny, and descrimination that seems to be boiling up of late, and wondering at the cause. I suspect that having a black skinned president, a woman with a very real chance at becoming POTUS, a barrage of rights movements that have been more or less successfully making headway for LGBT, folks of various skin color and ethnic background, and women. Change appears to be difficult and tiring for folks, all of this change is hard work and I think overwhelms folks and tempts them to push back. I say, keep working, it is well worth the push to eliminate bias, and enjoy the fruits that folks of any color or persuasion can bring to the table. Mr. Trump appears to me to be feeding on the weariness of those who find change hard.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Jason.

    • Kate Pavelle

      Jason, good point. I personally like the civil right changes we’ve seen in the last 10 years, and I love being afford a health insurance for my family. Problem is, these changes came awfully fast and lots of people have trouble adapting to change under the best of circumstances. I sympathize with their pain, but all the same I’m not willing to give ground and slide back. Some people want to slide all the way back to the 1950’s and undo the whole civil rights movement. Add the technological advances we have nowadays, and you have the perfect dictatorship scenario.

  12. NPHooks

    “I, too, am tired of all the PC language that has dominated our culture. I’m tired of having to be careful about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I say for fear of accidentally offending someone and dealing with hyped up repercussions.”

    The term “political correctness” (or “PC language”) that you’re invoking was created by reactionary people like Donald Trump. You shouldn’t worry about offending bigots like him.

    “Politically correct’ is just a term assholes came up with so they can dismiss people who have the nerve to want to be respected. Demanding not to be stereotyped is not political correctness, it’s a human right, and you are not some hero for refusing to respect people’s right to be treated like humans.”
    —Dion Beary

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you for your feedback. Very interesting perspective on “PC.”

    • Steve Baldwin

      Hi NPHooks,

      Just wanted you to know that your comment actually inspired my newest post. Couldn’t get it out of my head. Check it out here.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  13. Michael Bush

    I appreciate the article, but most of all, I appreciate the way you have stayed engaged in the dialogue following the article. It takes a big heart to listen to other people’s pain/anger and differing views and continue to try and offer sane, clear responses. I voted for Bernie in the primary and wouldn’t consider myself a Republican; however, I do have second thoughts now after speaking to people on the Republican side who very clearly see his exaggerated positions and spin. Seeing how divided people are and upset they are, especially with what’s happening in the Republican party, has forced me to open my mind a bit to question my ideas, views, and beliefs to really decide for myself what’s true. In the past and even this election season, I have allowed politicians and the masses decide for me. I wouldn’t say I regret my vote – I still think Bernie would make a meaningful contribution and represent values like fairness and equality (which I’m sure other people will disagree on); however, I also realize that people defending free market capitalism and libertarianism have valid viewpoints and opinions on what could work. And, for the first time, I’m not just denying their points of view, I’m actually examining a little and keeping an open mind. In this way, Trump has been become this sort of tumor on our shared social, cultural, and political experience. And like a tumor, it signals that something’s not right and we need to do our own work to come together and reconcile our differences in order to save the system from what seems like impending doom.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you for your thoughts. I think you offer some great words of wisdom. Would love to hear more of your thoughts in the future as you continue to listen to different perspectives.

  14. Barry

    Nice article, just some grammatical nitpicking: the correct phrase is you could _not_ care less. If you could care less, that implies you care at least some.

    Also, the correct word is Christian “tenets”, not Christian “tenants”. Look it up, the definitions of these words are not at all similar.

    Just like you make (possibly unfair) assumptions about people who support Trump, I make (possibly unfair) assumptions about writers who make basic mistakes like these.

    • Steve Baldwin

      LOL. I actually really appreciate you pointing those out. I’ve corrected them in the article. Funny thing is I knew about the “could not care less” phrase but somehow let that slip. Interestingly, I was telling my wife after this article started to get legs that while I was very excited it was getting way more views than anything I’d ever written, unfortunately, in my push to get it out (because I was already behind schedule due to all the research) I feel it is my most poorly written article.

      Touché on the assuming. Please feel free if you ever see anything in my future articles that needs some nitpicking to go ahead and point them out. I currently don’t have any proofers and desire to learn and improve.

  15. Carl

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your article is very weak.

    “you support Trump, you must also x y and z” = “your skin is black, you must also x y and z.”

    Criticizing John McCain (a fallible paid public servant who happens to be a POW) the way he did was in bad taste. That does not however indicate that someone criticizes all veterans as your bullet point suggests. Very misleading and childish.

    Donald Trump employs hundreds of women, and has for years. His campaign spokesperson is a woman. Pulling a quote from 25 years ago that could be distinguished by a five year old as jest is pathetic. Another very misleading bullet point.

    I contend that Islam and those who practice it, as any other religion that idolizes a book written in the barbaric bronze age, is and should be subject to criticism. Who knows, maybe all muslims take the book seriously? (death to non-believers, conversion by the sword, women as chattel, death to apostates, death to homosexuals, the list goes on and on…) I’m glad however that you accurately state that this is not racism (islam is a religion). It’s unfortunate that your bullet point suggests otherwise. Again, very misleading.

    “politics as usual”. Who do you propose be elected to end this cycle? The 20 year senator from Vermont? The matriarch of the Clinton family? Any of the other republican candidates? Trump seems to have a better chance of breaking up this club than anyone, in my opinion.

    “ends justify the means.” Name me a candidate that doesn’t pander for votes. Even Bernie, who I respect, met with Rev. Al yesterday…

    Your distinction between bullying and criticism seems pretty loose.

    Your quotes alluding to Mr. Trump as a racist are ill informed and unfortunate. Not once has Trump made a remark indicating that he believes a hierarchy exists in our species that is distinguishable by skin color. The critic’s apparent source for his claim of racism is Trump’s criticism of illegal immigrants, which was misrepresented as a racist comment for political purposes. “Trump says mexicans are rapists” is a gross misrepresentation of his statement, any intelligent person who has read the statement knows this. Interesting side thought: such a misrepresentation would not have been made had the messenger not been a conservative christian with a white skin tone.

    Eager to hear your thoughts!
    Thanks again.

    You’re right, “racist” does not accurately describe Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims. Islam is a religion.

    • Carl

      ^^ ignore the last sentence.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks for your feedback. You make some valid points. Because yours will take a little more time to respond to I will try to respond later this evening.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Hi Carl,

      Just a few of my thoughts in response:

      “That does not however indicate that someone criticizes all veterans as your bullet point suggests”

      Out of all the various criticisms of my article, I think that is one of the most valid. You are correct that there is no indication of a pattern of criticism of veterans in general on Trump’s part. My concern is primarily that rather than apologizing for his “bad taste” (as you put it) comment about McCain his only response was to defend himself and claim that he is a leader on veteran’s issues. His record clearly does not demonstrate that and his sudden choice to raise money for veterans just prior to the primaries wreaks of just using veterans as a political tool rather than actually caring. That combined with the fact he mocked McCain for the very act of making such a huge sacrifice for our country, for me personally feels like a huge slap in the face to all veterans – thus, why I said what I said. But I get why you have a problem with the way I said it, especially because there are several veterans who have responded who don’t seem to feel the same way about Trump as I do.

      “Donald Trump employs hundreds of women, and has for years. His campaign spokesperson is a woman.”

      That is very true. Trump obviously recognizes women’s talents and value to the business world, and in a world where that is not always the case, Trump is to be commended for that. But that does not indicate he has a fully healthy view of women. There are many businesses that employ hundreds of minority workers and appreciate their hard work but that does not mean the employer fully respects them and offers the full dignity they deserve. Our country just elected its first black president but, as is obvious in the last couple years, that does not mean we have a fully healthy view of race yet.

      Trump’s very disparaging (and very recent) remarks about various women’s appearances shows he lacks any kind of empathy or understanding for just how deeply those kind of remarks cut (or that he does get it and so like a wild animal purposefully goes for the jugular). Add to that, to imply that a woman was tough on him because of menstruation (as opposed to just doing her job) certainly shows he sees tough women in a different light than tough men (the whole “ambitious” business man verses the “bi%#!y” business woman bit). I seriously suspect the whole backlash against Meagan Kelly followed by the boycott had a lot more to do with the fact she was a woman than it did with her journalism.

      But the biggest one of all for me was his tweet about Hillary Clinton not satisfying her husband. I’m no Hillary fan but that kind of comment basically says to all women who have ever had an unfaithful husband or boyfriend (whether because of an affair, pornography, etc) that it’s all your fault – that it’s your job to satisfy your man or you have no value.

      Yes, I went all the way back to an earlier quote – but that is because I see no evidence of change in his attitude about women.

      “I’m glad however that you accurately state that this is not racism (islam is a religion). It’s unfortunate that your bullet point suggests otherwise.”

      I am on the fence of whether to call his actions racist. That is why I focus more on the term “bigot” which I fully believe applies. My bullet point is a direct reference to the definitions I provided for “bigot” when you look at the specific wording.

      I only brought in “racism” as an acknowledgment that some do feel it crosses that line. Even if he isn’t a racist in his own heart, his inciting comments and sweeping generalizations show a complete lack of concern and lack of wisdom for understanding the effects of his words – from making some minorities cringe to inciting more fear and hate in those who are truly racist.

      My white family is actually a minority in my neighborhood – it is mostly Hispanic with some African American. Some of my Hispanic neighbors are natural born Americans, some are legal immigrants and very likely some are illegal (I don’t go around checking all their papers). There are probably some from other Latin American countries other than Mexico. Most of them live good decent lives and would not fit Trump’s description of what Mexico is sending us. But when Trump makes a statement that Mexico is not sending their best and is sending drugs, crime, and rapists (even with the disqualifier that he assumes “some” are good) believe me they are all (even the legal natural born citizens) hearing that said about them (even if it’s only because it’s coming from a conservative “Christian” with white skin tone). The fact that Trump does not understand that has me greatly concerned. And we are thinking about making him president. We need a wise leader who can make those distinctions and not an inflammatory speaker who could not care less. With racial discord on the rise, right now we need a uniter and not a divider.

      “’politics as usual’. Who do you propose be elected to end this cycle? The 20 year senator from Vermont? The matriarch of the Clinton family? Any of the other republican candidates?”

      I don’t have an answer for that. But that’s precisely my point. Trump is running on the idea of being an outsider – one who doesn’t play politics. But the reality is he is no different than any of the other politicians. If you are rooting for him entirely on the premise he will end that cycle, you are in for a rude awakening. But what’s even more concerning about Trump is that he is completely unpredictable. Sure as frustratingly usual, most of them will not fulfill half their promises, but at least you have some semblance of an idea of what you are going to get. With Trump we have no idea.

      “’ends justify the means.’ Name me a candidate that doesn’t pander for votes.”

      As per above, I can’t. But another thing that concerns me more about Trump is that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks (except just enough to get elected). Yes, the other politicians may pander but that’s because they do care what people think – even if they lack integrity and it’s entirely for popularity, getting re-elected, etc it’s the one check we the people have against them. It still forces most politicians to at least listen to a large percentage of the people. But with Trump, who believes he can shoot somebody and still get what he wants, everything becomes entirely about Trump, and only Trump’s agenda. Who cares what the actual people you are representing ever think.

      “Your distinction between bullying and criticism seems pretty loose.”

      There is a huge difference between bullying and criticism. During my day job I am a manager of several individuals. Because it involves creative work, a huge percentage of my job is providing daily critiques of everybody’s work. But there are ways of doing that constructively without insulting, threatening, or dehumanizing the other person. Even when it is necessary to threaten (ie with potential termination) it’s possible to do it with respect for the humanity of the individual. One time out of frustration I slipped up with my words and cut to the core of several employees’ self-worth. It took days of one on one conversation to repair the damage and you could even argue years to bring healing. And that was just from one incident that was totally uncharacteristic of me and was not even half as inflammatory as Trump’s usual rhetoric.

      Trump’s continual threats to be mean if you’re not “nice” to him and use of insult and mockery provide nothing constructive and comes across as extremely childish and often like a schoolyard bully. In fact he comes across as one of the most immature public figures I know when it comes to discourse. Once again…president?

      Does that mean we have to be oversensitive about everything we say? No. Are there times when it is appropriate to speak out and call things for what they are? Absolutely. Just as with this article.
      This article was actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. If you were to read any of my other articles you will quickly see that respectful communication and listening to others is extremely important to me…especially if you read my article about the “1000 questions.” Some of the harsh things I had to say are totally not within my nature and so I agonized and prayed for days over whether I should say some of what I did. It hurts me to even come close to hurting others with my words…even if in the end I think it is necessary and justified at times to do so. Even if my only purpose was to at least get others to think.

      I appreciate that Trump is willing to speak his mind and call people out on things. Again, sometimes that is necessary. But when you reach a point where you do not agonize over those words, where you have no concern for how it is received, where the cost of what it does to a human soul has no bearing compared to your own personal agenda, then I believe you have lost something. You have lost your own humanity.

      I do appreciate your feedback. As I said, I think you have some valid points and I appreciate that you even invited me to respond.

      I end with one last question that is similar to something I asked of another person who commented: you express concern that many of the things I say are misleading and childish. As a result you consider my article to be weak. Fair enough. But I am just an unpaid blogger who typically writes for my mom and a couple hundred friends who just happened to have this one article get shared a lot (but will likely not have any major effect on the election or the future of our country). Yet, you still felt it important enough to express concern about it.

      Even if we disagree on some of it, most people will still agree that Mr. Trump has himself shown to be misleading and childish at various times. He is running for president of the United States, one of the most powerful positions in the world that will affect millions (if not potentially billions) of lives. Would his being misleading and childish not make his presidency weak? Why be concerned by such actions and words of me, a part-time blogger, and not let any of it bother you at all about the future president of the United States?

  16. Kevin Roberts

    Thanks for the article.

    I think that in order to support Trump, you would need to A) be young, and not remember Trump’s body of work or B) Immerse yourself in Suspension of Disbelief, and simply forget Trump’s body of work.

    Suspension of Disbelief is something we do with a lot of candidates, and both Democrats and Republicans do it A LOT during election season. We create almost cult-like lore around candidates we agree with.

    The myth-making around Obama was almost funny. We’re seeing it with Sanders now. Cruz and Ben Carson have seen their fair share of people creating “back stories” for them to make them seem like a hero than they really are.

    But Trump’s life is just out there. The multiple trophy wives, The multiple bankruptcies. The real disdain for people he deems less intelligent than him. He’s literally switched party affiliations 3 times! His religiosity (or apparent lack thereof) doesn’t bother me (I’m a minority conservative in that I think we let religion permeate too deeply into politics. I want my President religious, not biblical.) But the kicker for me: He’s an entertainer.

    He’s struck a nerve in the asinine world of our cult-like adherence to Political Correctness and forced diversity. They are undemocratic and, more terrifying, true thought policing. That I will give him credit for. Political Correctness needs to die a horrible death, and those who continue to push it, mocked mercilessly.

    But come on. Trump’s entire “business acumen” isn’t really that impressive. He’s made a ton of money in real estate deals. But his “skill” is understanding how to protect his OWN assets after his businesses tank. He’s a master of Bankruptcy Law, not Business.

    His specific “business experience” doesn’t translate into anything even remotely redeemable into managing a limping $18T economy.

    Long story short: If we elect Trump, we can put to bed any illusions that conservatives care at all about the character of the guy they want in office. Worse yet, we can put to bed any illusions that we want the guy with the most sound business plan to steer the ship.

    • Kevin Roberts

      And a note: I’ve always hated the argument that the “rest of the world” will not like who we put in office. The “rest of the world” loved Obama. They gave him a damn Nobel Peace Prize in his first day in office. The “rest of the world” likes Democrats far more than they do Republicans. It just is.

      But I honestly shudder at our global relationships if Trump were in office. And I’m talking about our relationship with our long-time allies.

      • Steve Baldwin

        Thanks for the input, Kevin.

        When I started this blog about 6 months ago I never planned to go political. But I’m with you, I shudder at our global relationships plus many other things you list – so I finally had to speak up and say something.

  17. Wendy Haines

    Donald Trump as a future President is undermining his own campaign with his off-the-cuff remarks. He skipped a debate that Megyn Kelly was moderating because she had offended him? So he attacked her as a lousy journalist. Someone in the crowd at one of his events asked him “how are you going to do that?” Trump’s answer? “Just watch me.” Sound policy, right? And, my favorite Trumpism – Two Corinthians. He made this error at Liberty University. Did he not know that Liberty was founded by Jerry Falwell, that it is one of the most widely known Christian Universities in the country? Did he not realize that a mistake like that would be instantly identified by every single member of the audience? And, does he not interact with his own staff, who could have corrected him beforehand, or at least warned him about the crowd and their political leaning.

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    Abraham Lincoln

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks for your comments, Wendy.

  18. Laura Clayton

    Very interesting article. I heard the comment he made about standing in Times Square and shooting someone, “I wouldn’t lose a single vote”. It really is terrifying to think he could be our next president!

    • Steve Baldwin

      I think that was the one that ultimately sealed it for me. Thanks for reading, Laura.

  19. Noah Hurley

    Not sure about 5. Things will definitely be very different in certain areas with Trump as Pres!!

  20. brett

    An opinion from somebody outside the US: I find it absolutely mind-boggling – and more than a little bit scary – that somebody like Trump appears to be a serious contender in the Presidential race. I simply do not understand how such an obnoxious clown can have achieved such popularity. And I suspect that the majority of non-Americans feel the exact same way. In fact, there’s some evidence to support that: more than half a million Brits signed a petition calling on the UK government to ban Trump from the country. I strongly suspect that Trump would do more damage to US international relations – and the international perception of the US – than even Bush Jnr.

    And here’s something I assume about Trump supporters: most will say, “We don’t care what the rest of the world thinks – especially you Brits – so shut your yellow-toothed mouth and keep your opinions to yourself.”

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks for your input, Brett. It’s good to hear your perspective from across the pond.

  21. Joe Momma

    Ur an idiot! Bwahahahaha! Just checking to see if you are so passionate about this article that you’d reply ?

    • Steve Baldwin

      While my normal comment policy is not to allow insults this made me smile. Besides I guess it’s not really an insult since I call myself an idiot in my About bio. ?. Thanks for the light hearted moment.

  22. A. Heberd

    Regarding Trump and this election, the only thing that scares me more than the thought of Trump as president, is the throngs of people who continue support him. I thought many of your points hit the nail on the head.

    Not to mention, any presidential candidate who scares my 100% American (born in the USA), Muslim, 10 year old daughter into thinking we are going to be “kicked out” of America earns nothing but my loathing and contempt.

    This man does not represent my America, nor do I want him to EVER represent my America.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Wow. Thanks for sharing. That’s the thing I don’t think supporters understand – the power of words and what they invoke. Trump doesn’t have to directly say, “I’m going to kick all little 10 year old Muslim girls out of the country” for his rhetoric to cause fear and incite distrust and hate. Whether he intends it or not (I think he does in order to play off people’s fears for votes) if he plans to be president he should know better.

      If an African American family moves into a predominantly white neighborhood and a neighbor says, “With lower income families moving into the neighborhood I wonder if our property values are going to go down” that person doesn’t have to use the “N” word or even mention the color of their skin – the implication is still there. We all know what that person really means.

      Know this: coming from a conservative Christian, I’m so glad your daughter is here. And I plan to do everything I can to fight on your family’s behalf to keep this a safe and free country for everyone.

      • Steve Baldwin

        Roger, rewrite your comment without the “Duh” please and I might post your comment. Please show some respect for other commenters and their thoughts and you might get heard.

  23. Phillip

    Somebody still dreaming and thinks there is a perfect candidate out there. We don’t need another stoic sleepwalking politician, we need someone who will actually do something. And yeah he will do some things wrong, not unlike any other president we have had. And speaking of worrying about the Americans, aren’t you already worried about the ones who voted for the current disaster in office? Twice? For the record I haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet.

    • Steve Baldwin

      I don’t expect any candidate (or any person for that matter) to be perfect. But I think I do have a reasonable expectation for them to be decent in how they treat others. And if they don’t, I have a right and responsibility to call them out on it. And if that person is running for president, which is my job as an American citizen to make judgments on and evaluate, then all the more.

      As far as the current administration, yes, I have great concern that many unrealistically and blindly believed the promise of “Hope and Change” (coming from, as you state, an imperfect candidate). Equally I have concern for those blindly believing the promise to “Make America Great” from this particular candidate.

      Never wrote about it because I wasn’t a blogger then. And even now I never planned to be and still don’t plan to be a “political” blogger. But from a character point of view, I just couldn’t not speak up on this one. No candidate is perfect and none have perfect policy plans, but character matters, and while none of the other candidates have perfect character either the human indecency of Trump has just too dangerous potential for my tastes.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  24. John Goodwin

    A slanted, biased article indeed with premises built on taking points out of context

    • Steve Baldwin

      I’ve had this argument leveled several times now but would someone please provide me with reliable source information providing the talking points in “correct” context (that is itself not slanted or biased).

      Simply not liking what something says or implies is not sufficient evidence for “out of context.”

  25. Tom Hawthorne

    He gets my vote, and with your garbage you’re no better than Fox News…. TRUMP FOR POTUS 2016… Lets see if you let my 1st Amend. Stay or you delete it, like a coward.

    TRUMP 2016

    • Steve Baldwin

      Guess I must be courageous. 😉

      (In spite of the fact that my comment policy specifically states that you are welcome to disagree with me as long as you do not resort to insults or personal attacks).

      Now let’s see if you can be courageous and present substantive counterpoints. I’m a good listener, but simply using terms like “garbage” and “coward” are unlikely to convince me.

    • Derek

      Sorry you have to deal with all these inknowledged people Steve. It seems most people who are arguing with you about your article have no explanations or evidence behind their claims except stupidity and the their norm. However, great article! I believe most people don’t even know why they are voting for him or bashing your article but the fact that they were born into a political view and have lived to know that one side only.

      • Steve Baldwin

        Thanks, Derek

  26. Bill Thomas

    I fully agree with your points. Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is primarily concerned with promoting Donald Trump. Now he wants to get bombastic about his desire to fix this country.
    In your piece, you suggest that Trump supporters take a look at themselves. It seems to me that the people in this country are only willing to do that in a very superficial manner that does not take into account blemishes and warts. Most seem to think that they have already done that and react in a knee jerk manner to any criticism that would topple their carefully constructed self image. I am often taken aback at the things many people believe because they have no substantive arguments to back them up, only raw emotion. Until we can start functioning on a higher cognitive level as a group, I am afraid that we will continue this downhill trend in our standards. There are not many people who have a full length mirror in which they can recognize their own feet of clay. Do not take my comment to mean that you should stop fighting the good fight, though.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks, Bill. Well said.

  27. Patrick Donlon

    I can only wonder what you as a person are like. I will bet when you were a small boy you took great pleasure in catching insects and pulling their wins off so they could not fly. When you were old enough to get a job in a restaurant you put your body fluids in the salads that you prepared

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you for your input, Patrick. Obviously, I have greatly offended you with my comments so I apologize. Since based on my words, which I assume you think are mean spirited, you consider me to be a terrible person, then I think it would be totally appropriate for you not to vote for me for president should I ever decide to run.

      I’m sure Donald was much kinder to any insects he captured and made sure they had a nice home with food and water every day. And I’m sure that on the first lower wage job he ever worked he was sure to treat all the other employees and customers with great dignity.

      On another note, if you really want to know what I was like as a child check out my blog titled “Why I Was Kicked Out of Vacation Bible School at Age 5.” You’ll find out just how rebellious and terrible of a kid I was.

  28. Tommye Strickland

    There are a lot of inaccuracies in this article. Remember, Trump has the Evangelical vote. Probably because he does not tell any lies.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you, Tommye, for reading. As I’ve asked everyone that has made the inaccuracy claim before please provide details and source info to show me what those are. Any one who does a thorough search will find the facts are accurate. How to interpret events will always be up to opinion but the facts are real.

      No he does not have the Evangelical vote. I know too many to know that’s not true. If Trump gets the nomination it will be another question since voters will be forced to decide. But for now that’s simply not true.

      Please do some fact checks. He’s already been caught in lies.

  29. Pat Snow

    I read your posting three times, then all the comments. I do feel that what you’ve done is, instead of attacking Trump vis a vis any media, you’ve taken to, my opinion, badgering and putting down supporters of Trump. It appears you’ve chosen to target the general community (to be positive I’m assuming to raise dialog) as opposed to show evidence that you’ve engaged in correspondence with Trump (or campaign). I really don’t think mocking someone’s thoughts and positions is a good way of gaining their respect or focus.

    Am I a supporter of Trump? If that means have I decided upon whom I’m going to cast a vote for, then no. I haven’t chosen any candidate I feel I wish to support. Have I watched more debates this year than in the past? Yes. Why? Because of Trump. What that means I have no philosophical or psychological idea, but I’m assuming entertainment was a factor.

    I believe that one of our countries strengths is the separation of State and Church. Comparison with other counties historically and currently would seem to bear this out. I believe the Founding Fathers were wise in their decision(s) to set this into the nations framework. A theocracy such as Iran’s (I interpret this to mean religious figures involved within government) and Saudi Arabia are, my opinion, not viable for individual freedoms.

    I am not religious. Most day’s I mostly ignore religions. But fact is, I’m probably anti-religion. Not that it’s anybody’s business but my own, but I do believe in God. I do separate what I call spiritualism (my belief in God) with organized religion. My point here is, if a person has the ability to gain the leadership confidence of the public then what difference does it make what religion, if any, he recognizes? Just because a person claims to believe in a religion doesn’t make him/her a viable leader. Please recall when John Kennedy was running for President and the furor across the country was that the Catholic Church was going to “take over” the country. I’ll take smart and calm and experienced as my top choices instead of religion as my pivotal concern.

    I am a Vietnam veteran. Yes, with combat. Yes, I have had to live my entire adult life from consequences of that conflict. Why do I say this? Because in my world, I still follow the oath I swore to defend our Constitution. I do not place any political party or religion over the Constitution. Do I care for the Wounded Warriors organization? No. And I mean NO. I actually call them every so often and tell them off. Last public budget was 2014, they raised approx. $327 million, mostly from citizens 65 and over. The kicker? 40% of that budget went to overhead. That’s over $130 million to overhead. I have a huge problem with that.

    What I do want is a federal budget, and yes, state budgets, to be directly allocated to the medical support of needing veterans. I don’t want “volunteer” organizations, I want the government to step up and assume it’s responsibility for our military personnel. Part of the problem is the weight given to each disability claim, and the subsequent treatment for long term medical provision.

    To recap: I do feel the author was attempting to insult people as his tool of persuasion to move them to his way of thinking. Obviously this has incurred a debate, but to my way of thinking, a sour one. I also think the author was doing exactly as all the other political trolls are doing and that was stylizing his research (cherry picking) to find exactly what supported his points of view regardless of when in time.

    Last comment: I would like to know who out there has never made a mistake? Has been “right” from the first breath? Has never had to grow from his/her mistakes? Frankly, I believe mistakes are important in a persons life. Here’s my point on this: the protestors from the Vietnam Era. Where are they? Millions of people protesting and where are they? We never hear from them. Are they embarrassed? Why can’t or won’t they step up and lay claim to their opinion’s of yesteryear? It’s ok to still believe in something you once did, and it’s ok to have changed your mind. Yet their missing. It is ok to still believe in something you once did. It’s ok to have changed your mind. I don’t think or believe in the same ways I did several decades ago in my youth. But I won’t deny who I was or my thoughts from those times.

    I think everyone in this country deserves that.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you Pat for your very respectful, articulate and (in my opinion) one of the most valid critiques of my article. You are correct: I was trying to raise dialogue. I seriously am greatly concerned if Trump becomes the GOP nominee and wanted to draw attention to those concerns. But because every misstep of Trump seemed to have no effect on his supporters, and in many cases actually increased their praise, I made a decision that perhaps the best way to get people thinking was to bring it back to the supporters themselves.

      In truth, I actually think there are 2 types of Trump supporters. The first are the ones who are truly all the things I list in the article – they really are bullies who love to insult and demean people in order to get their way (and perhaps are even worse than Trump himself). I had no illusions that I would change their minds, but just as sometimes the only way to stop a continual bully is to push back, I assumed (perhaps wrongly) they should be able to handle a little of their own medicine (though, in my opinion, a lot milder). I also wanted to give a little “ammo” to the quieter folks who didn’t feel like they could fairly debate with the bullies.

      The other type of Trump supporter, which is probably the majority of them, are actually loving, respectful people who are not like Trump or anything I listed at all. For me there is an incongruity between them and the person they are choosing to represent them, but for some reason out of desperation for change they have allowed themselves to be blinded to that or have simply let it slide. Because a president, in my opinion, is an actual employee of the people and because employees often become a reflection on their “managers” or people who hire them, my goal was to draw attention to the incongruity in order to make them think.

      Was it a good method? I’m not sure. I am still somewhat bewildered that many Trump supporters believe that Trump’s choice to mock and insult others is appropriate and effective but somehow find anything nearing that is somehow inappropriate and ineffective for me.

      But, of course, it’s not about how others act but about how I act – as I stated in one of my comments I struggled with this approach for days and am still back and forth with that myself to this day. But obviously I made that choice at the time I wrote it – of course, thinking maybe I might get 1000 or so views and not the 90,000+ that I have. You may have seen where I wrote that I feel unfortunately this was my least well-written piece. I also feel it is the one most uncharacteristic of me. A close friend actually told me just before I wrote this that I’m actually too gracious in my writing – at least too gracious if I want to write anything that gets some legs.

      Was my intention to “insult” or “mock” people? Not really. But I also can easily see why people who don’t know my heart can take it that way. Thus, why I think your criticism is very valid, I truly do appreciate it and will take it to heart. I’m still learning and it’s important to hear differing and honest thoughts from others.

      Also, you are correct, I am biased. As a blogger, as opposed to a journalist, I had an agenda to my post (as listed above) and while I tried to be as honest as I could with what I included, no matter what my bias is going to leak through. Therefore, I would encourage anyone to do thorough research beyond my post in order to make fully informed decisions.

      In regards to the State & Church issue, while you and I might have some differing views on how the Establishment clause is understood (with my views actually very nuanced and that would be too long to go into here), to clarify, my purpose in this article specifically was not to argue for a Christian president but to simply point out that people are being inconsistent with their own values. For those who have consistently believed that the faith of the president is irrelevant, I have no critique. It’s only for those (especially evangelical leaders) who have always insisted on the importance of the president’s faith, that I wanted to point out they are being inconsistent.

      On a totally side note, since you mention separating out your spiritualism from organized religion I highly recommend you check out my post called “Losing My Religion” if you get a chance, even followed up by my chapters on Rethinking God. And just for fun also my post titled “Why I was kicked out of Vacation Bible School at age 5.” Even if you don’t ultimately agree, there might be some things you identify with.

      Really appreciate your perspective on the military and vets. Some good insight.

      Thanks again, Pat!

  30. AbiusX

    All the arguments provided in this article were seriously flawed, and terribly weak.
    I could show the fallacy in almost every single one of them, but I’d rather simply believe that people read what they want to hear.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Hi AbiusX,

      While I can’t speak for anyone else who reads this article or the comments, I assure you that if you provide me with verifiable facts that demonstrate the specific flaws in each of my arguments I will read and take them to heart. If you’ll read my other comments in this post, you’ll see that when presented with respectful and articulate arguments I am correctable.

  31. Berto

    I have voted democrat, republican and other since 1971. My vote is given to the one I believe is the best choice. If you can print facts even that they are negative against barney and Hillary and not because a republican blog or site said it. From your heart You will get my outmost respect. Unless barny and hillary don’t have any bags with them. You post 1 from them 1 post 1 from any of my candidates. I bet this will be deleted. Lol jajajajajajaj

    • Steve Baldwin

      Hi Berto,

      While I’d love to earn your respect, unfortunately at this point my couple Trump articles are a rare exception to the type of articles I intended for this blog. Therefore, at least at this point I don’t have any plans to address such direct political topics. Plus, there are already plenty of other articles out there that provide info (both positive and negative) on both Bernie and Hillary that are probably far more informative than anything I can provide.

  32. mmealling

    Having spoken with several Trump supporters and briefly flirted with the idea myself I can tell you that the answer to the “Is it, again, because the ends justify the means and you’re happy for him to do the dirty work?” question is: Yes!

    People like Trump because they feel bullied by liberals and liberal media. They thought that voting for the Lindsey Grahams of the world would help but that was the equivalent of “telling an authority figure”. All that did was get you beat up again after school.

    If any of you remember being bullied what you wanted was revenge. You wanted your own bully (or to find the courage to do it yourself) to cause painful and severe consequences to the person bullying you to ever do it again. You wanted overwhelming deterrence.

    And Trump may offer that. He is someone that can literally get in Nancy Pelosi’s face and belittle and defeat her so she never comes back to Congress again. Trump’s supporters feel that the country as they knew it has slipped away. So this is the final desperate and half mad attempt to save it.

  33. Debbie Dooley

    You are completely wrong in your assumptions. I find it amazing that Cruz supporters routinely trash Trump supporters. They have no respect for a person’s right to choose the candidate of their choice. Cruz claims to be a Christian, but resorts to lies and deception in campaigning. Cruz lost me when he fought for ObamaTrade for over two months. I don’t trust Cruz. He had two undisclosed bank loans – a secured one from Goldman Sachs for 500,000 and an unsecured one from CitiBank for 500,000. A hedge fund manage gave 11 million dollars to one of Cruz’s SuperPACs. Cruz had other multi million dollar donations given to his SuperPAC. Do you believe that there are no strings attached to these donations ? Something just isn’t right about Cruz…

    I have been a conservative activist since 1976. I am one of 22 people that founded the national tea party movement. I am co-founder and Chairman of Atlanta Tea Party and have served on the Board of Directors of Tea Party Patriots since October of 2009. I helped organize and was a speaker at the 9-12-2009 March on D.C. I was also Georgia state coordinator for FreedomWorks in 2009.

    I wrote this article for Breitbart.


    • Steve Baldwin

      Hi Debbie, thank you for your feedback. Not sure anywhere I ever stated I was a Cruz supporter. Did you assume that? 😉

      I do sincerely appreciate and am thankful for your longstanding participation in the political process and dedication to conservative principles.

      Though I struggle personally whether Trump is truly conservative himself, based on your article I can understand why you feel he would help push for conservative principles. Are you comfortable with everything he does? In other words would I be correct in assuming you support him in all his actions and words?

      On a side note: please be sure and read my author’s note at the end of the article if you have not had a chance.


  34. Sedrick Harris

    1. Was John McCain a hero? Yes, but everybody who

    fought that stupid war was a hero. Just because he was

    captured and held prisoner for years does not make

    him more of a hero than those troops who were not

    captured. In fact, the 58,000 plus solders who died for

    America are our true heroes.

    2. If he mocked a disabled person, that is wrong of him

    to do it. Not as wrong as claiming WMD’s in Iraq that

    got multiple thousands of our troops killed and

    permanently injured; not as wrong as those politicians

    who want to close down ALL Planned Parenthood

    Clinics (not the abortion part which is only 3% of their

    activities and none of which is funded by the federal

    government) which will cause significant harm to those

    women who cannot afford a normal physician or are to

    distant to travel to one; nor as wrong as all of the

    republican haters who want to kill Obamacare without

    insisting that there be a substitute to care for those

    who cannot afford healthcare in our society.

    3. His comments of 1991 are just that; comments made

    at a different time in a different society. You have

    elected to make his comment about Megyn Kelly

    bleeding from all over to just refer to her vagina. That is

    your choice to believe whatever you want but that is

    not what that means to many others – you are

    stretching the verbage to mean what you want it to say

    to denegrate Trump.

    4. A two part answer: Yes, Trump, and many Americans

    who are not Trump supporters, are tired of illegal

    immigrants coming into this country and causing much

    turmoil and expense that can be used for legal

    immigrants and US citizens to enrich our lives.

    Regarding prohibiting Muslims from entering this

    country, you forgot to add the second part of that

    sentence which says (paraphrase) … until we find a way

    to prevent terrorists from entering this country. The

    last that was publicized stated that the terrorists

    worldwide were Muslims (of varying degrees) but

    Muslims non-the-less. Had Condoleezza Rice acted on

    the information that was given to her prior to 9/11,

    many thousand Americans might still be alive today. A

    short period of what might seem to be bigotry could

    save many thousand lives – a trade off that is in the

    favor of Americans and not necessarily the “proper”

    statement to make. Leaving out the second half of his

    statement regarding shutting down the borders for

    Muslims makes all the rest of your comments null and

    void of racism and makes your position questionable.

    5. As a businessman, Trump supported both parties

    financially as that is the only way (currently) to grab

    power. Yes, he has changed his position on multiple

    thoughts which I thought was allowed in this country.

    Maybe I was wrong! As we all age, our beliefs regarding

    life changes and continues to change with passing

    years. Even Winston Churchill made the statement

    (paraphase) that a young person would be a fool to not

    be a liberal and would equally be a fool as an older

    person if they were not conservative.

    6. Wow! You should open a business as a soothsayer or

    a fortune teller. Because he does not quote scripture in

    the normal method, he is not a christian. You, sir, are a

    very intolerant individual. If you judge everyone by

    their mis-spoken words, everyone is a piece of … of …

    of trash. You say that he is not a conservative. Many

    others also say that. All of you have one common belief

    and that is that Trump should not get to be the

    Pesident of the United States. You say because he loves

    money, he is not a christian. So I guess that all previous

    Popes were not christian. Also many other VERY rich

    people such as: the Koch brothers, Warren Buffett, Sam

    Walton (RIP), Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, John D.

    Rockefeller (RIP), Steve Jobs (RIP), and many others

    are/were also not christian. You have a lot of nerve

    making that statement!

    7. You say that Trump is a bully! I say he is an

    accomplished successful businessman. How did he get

    to be successful? By implying whatever is legally

    available to win to strengthen his business empire. If

    you want the balance of payments deficit to continue

    bleeding billions or trillions of dollars from this country

    each year due to poor trade negotiations, do not vote

    for Trump. The countries in the far east should also

    worry that Trump is not elected as their gravy train of

    taking advantage of poor negotiations by America will

    quickly end. Will be be disliked by many nations for

    demanding to not be taken advantage of any longer.

    Yes – and to that I say, “Tough.” The difference between

    Trump and politicians is that Trump has always had to

    be concerned about financial results; politicians want to

    be liked. Do you want our country to stop bleeding

    money or do you want our country to be liked. If you

    prefer the latter, you are not in favor of strengthing


    8. Referring to Trump, you said, “You dream of a great

    America with a strong central government that

    monitors and controls civil liberties such as freedom of

    religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press (and

    possibly even the right to bear arms).” WOW, let’s not

    get caried away! Maybe he will make all left handed

    people relearn how to be like the majority of humanity

    in being right handed. Please give me a break. You

    could have made this a considered point until you

    expanded this to the absurd. Your fear . . . yes, fear of

    Trump is worth considering. Why are you so anti-

    Trump? Are you just jealous of his wealth and ability to

    live life with obviously beautiful women (and his whole

    family of beautiful women including the wives of his

    sons) and the luxuries of whatever is desired (like his

    personal Boing 757).

    9. You mentioned that many democrats wanted Trump

    to be the republican nominee so Hillary (Bernie) could

    easily beat him. If he is so easily beaten, why is he

    leading the race among republicans? Since his early

    entry into his foray for running for the republican

    nominee, pundants have said that he will be gone in 30

    days, he is just having fun, he cannot last another

    month, and on and on and on. Even today, the

    pundants cannot believe that Trump has succeeded

    where they knew he would fail (but didn’t). We have

    had over two centuries of leadership from politicians

    but none from a businessman. Does a successful

    businessman have to play politics? You bet and this is

    with their own dollars and not play money from other

    people. The fact that he is financing his own campaign

    says a lot about his sincerity about wanting to change

    this country into something stronger in the balance of

    power in the world. If you do not desire the same, I

    then must question you as to your belief in America.

    Would you rather have a Cruz (fundamentalist), Rubio

    (good looking boy with talent), Bush (we’ve tried that

    before), Carson (a nice guy but unqualified as to not

    having to negotiate or be involved with international

    activities), or Kasich? I am so tired of hearing that we,

    as a country, can’t do this or that. We need to be a

    country of – YES, WE CAN!

    • Steve Baldwin

      Hi Sedrick, I want to thank you for one of the more detailed and thought out opposing responses I’ve received. I sincerely appreciate that because, while I would still disagree on several (but not all) of the points, it makes for much better dialogue. I will try and respond to some of the points later this evening.

    • Ct

      Thank you. So well written is your reply !

    • Steve Baldwin

      1. Agreed. I actually believe everyone who serves in our nation’s military is a hero. I wish I’d even included that. And, yes, especially those who died in sacrifice. To me it is still indefensible that Trump would diminish the what McCain went through – enduring so many years of pain & suffering in service to our country. If a man can disrespect that big of a sacrifice, it’s hard to imagine he has a full appreciation of the kinds of sacrifices men and women in uniform go through every day.

      2. “Not as wrong as claiming WMD’s in Iraq that got multiple thousands of our troops killed and permanently injured”

      Didn’t know George W. was running again.

      “not the abortion part which is only 3% of their activities and none of which is funded by the federal government”

      If you only have a couple $’s in your pocket, just enough to only buy you a burger, and someone decides to buy a burger for you, what do you do with the other money in your pocket? You buy fries and a drink also.

      But you are correct, the federal government is not funding abortions. You are.

      “insisting that there be a substitute to care for those who cannot afford healthcare in our society.”

      Looking forward to hearing what Trump’s substitute plan is.

      3. “His comments of 1991 are just that; comments made at a different time in a different society.”

      Let’s just be brutally honest on this one, does anyone really believe that Trump doesn’t still think his statement to be true? People change but I’ve not see any evidence to indicate change in this area for Trump.

      4. “A short period of what might seem to be bigotry could save many thousand lives – a trade off that is in the favor of Americans and not necessarily the “proper” statement to make”

      And that’s a statement I am simply not comfortable living with as an American and as a human being. The exact phrase that was left out about Trump wanting to ban Muslims was “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” The problem is who gets to determine when we have “figured it out.” And how confident are you based on past history that our “country’s representatives” can ever figure out anything? Banning specific citizens from certain designated enemy countries I understand and the need to take serious measures to insecure security I also understand, but banning specific people based entirely on their faith?

      And just how far do we let that go in terms of bigotry as a necessary trade off for the greater good of the rest of us? The early settlers certainly felt it was a necessary thing to “tame,” displace, or sometimes even wipe out those “savage” Indians for the good the civilized white American citizens. Just a half century ago many folks felt it was necessary to keep those black folks segregated from the white folks in order to keep property values up and the criminal elements out. Let’s admit it, thousands of lives could have been salvaged by avoiding the civil war if we just allowed bigotry to continue on our plantations.

      I’ll jump ahead to your points for #7 here for a second & then come back to this:

      7. “Do you want our country to stop bleeding money or do you want our country to be liked. If you prefer the latter, you are not in favor of strengthing America.”

      It’s fascinating what you say here because you are arguing on the basis of what Trump can do for our economy and strengthen America. I confess, this is my one temptation for voting for Trump myself (though I’m still waiting for actual detailed plans). Who wouldn’t want our economy strengthened.

      But what’s most fascinating to me is the fact that, as outlined in this article, Hitler actually did a great job with Germany’s economy. He radically turned it around after Germany had gone through such hard times. Because he did so well with it, the article includes this quote:

      “No objective observer of the German scene could deny Hitler’s considerable exploits,” noted American historian John Toland. “If Hitler had died in 1937 on the fourth anniversary of his coming to power … he undoubtedly would have gone down as one of the greatest figures in German history. Throughout Europe he had millions of admirers.”

      Of course, no one (or at least no descent person) today would claim him to be a great leader. He came to power on the whole idea of strengthening Germany again. The thing is people were so desperate for change from their circumstance, they were willing to ignore some of the other dangerous ideas that Hitler was propagating – ideas such as that the Jews were an internal security threat to the nation of Germany. That may seem absurd now, but back then people either let it slide or the bought it hook, line & sinker.

      Does that mean Trump is another Hitler? I doubt it (or at least I hope not) but the idea that we can let slide a little bigotry for the sake of our nation’s security and economy is a very dangerous thing indeed. And no matter how great of promises someone makes to make this country great, I am not willing to sacrifice my character on that. And if we choose to go that direction as a country, we have sacrificed our own soul. Honestly, it is statements like that of bigotry as a trade-off, that makes me think that perhaps at least some of my assumptions were right.

      5. “As a businessman, Trump supported both parties financially as that is the only way power.”

      Is that his goal – to grab power? Well, you did write under #7 that he is an “empire” builder. Regarding the changing positions, yes, you are correct we all change. But if you’ll look at the evidence again, much of that has occurred (including financial support) in very, very recent years – some within the last year. And if you think it’s appropriate for him to make financial contributions to candidates and parties in order to specifically buy power, how does that make him any different than the political system you claim him not to be a part of.

      6. “Because he does not quote scripture in the normal method, he is not a christian. You, sir, are a very intolerant individual. If you judge everyone by their mis-spoken words, everyone is a piece of … of …of trash.”

      Please reread what I wrote. I very succinctly stated that none of the things I listed alone up to that point (including about not quoting scripture) make him not a Christian, but that it was not believing in the central tenet of Christianity – the forgiveness of sins… that did.

      What gives me the right to judge that? As soon as he decided to tell everyone, “I am a Christian” and “I am running for President.” From that point on, I not only have the right but the responsibility as a citizen to judge the veracity of his statements.

      And when did we suddenly stop judging Christian’s behaviors? Last I checked, it always makes headline news if a preacher gets caught in an affair, or if an evangelist asks too much money for a plane, or if a pastor has too big of a house. Even just recently, a child molester (who touched his sisters) got much more national news attention than any other similar cases. Why? Because he was a proclaimed Christian.

      Now I don’t know you well enough to say, but if you are like the majority of us, you likely have said something or criticized at least one of the above for their hypocritical “unchristian” behavior. So why is Trump suddenly off limits? And he’s a candidate. It is a very odd thing indeed for me to understand why several have called me judgmental for judging a candidate – especially because I have dared to openly speak my mind about a candidate that they think greatly of because he…openly speaks his mind. Yes, maybe I have a lot of nerve making these statements, but maybe that’s just because I learned it from Trump.

      On a side note, if you’ll recall the entire purpose on that section was not to determine if he was qualified to be president based on his faith. It was that people who normally made that an essential qualification for the candidate were now compromising on that issue – thus ends justify the means.

      8. “Please give me a break. You could have made this a considered point until you expanded this to the absurd.”

      Whereas, as I stated in my previous comment, most of your arguments were detailed & well thought it, here you resorted to the same thing that others have – just say I’m all wrong or absurd, etc without providing support. Trump had made statements that would be seriously concerning to first amendment rights. If you disagree me on whether that’s true, that’s fine. But let’s have a substantive discussion on that rather than just saying “absurd.”

      “Your fear . . . yes, fear of Trump is worth considering. Why are you so anti-Trump? Are you just jealous of his wealth and ability to live life with obviously beautiful women (and his whole family of beautiful women including the wives of his sons) and the luxuries of whatever is desired (like his personal Boing 757).”

      The truth is Trump has nothing that I want. None of those are important to me but character is. I wouldn’t choose to trade my character for any that – neither the money, nor the power, nor the presidency.

      And do I fear him? Nah. There’s nothing he could do to intimidate or scare me. But my concern is for others and I’m concerned for our nation as a whole. Out of desperation for change we are looking toward putting someone in the white house, someone who has yet to present any substantive policy issues, someone who has built himself on dehumanizing others, in the most powerful position in the land and arguably one of the most influential positions in the world. Hard to be comfortable with that. But I guess for some of you, there’s only one way to find out if my warnings are true. Quite honestly, though, I hope I’m wrong. I just don’t think I am.

      9. “We need to be a country of – YES, WE CAN!”

      Didn’t realize you were an Obama supporter. 😉

      • Micah Gafford

        AAAAND Godwin’s Law has been upheld

        • Steve Baldwin

          Yes, had to happen eventually. Was already taking a little too long 🙂

      • Nancy DeMarco

        Tens of thousands of Veterans, and people like myself who are not veterans, are aware that John McCain came home and then proceeded to do everything he possibly could to toss out any credible reports of POW’s that were left behind. Thousands of Veterans and others, myself included, who were involved in POW/MIA groups in the late 70’s and 80’s KNOW he did “nothing” to help almost the 3,000 not put on the list at the Paris Peace Accords, prisoners we wanted returned. He did NOTHING for his brothers. So many of us, agree he is NO hero…You can have your opinion but I wanted you to know many, many people think he is evil for not helping those left behind. He became part of that “Establishment” that us old timers despise. Trump is not perfect, we are aware of the pros and cons associated with him, but we feel the it is worth it to change what we now have running the country.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Quote from Trump just today: “…one of the things I’m going to do if I win… is I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We’re going to open up those libel laws. So that when The New York Times writes a hit piece, which is a total disgrace, or when the Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they’re totally protected. You see, with me, they’re not protected because I’m not like other people but I’m not taking money. I’m not taking their money. So we’re going to open up those libel laws folks and we’re going to have people sue you like you never got sued before. We have many things to do. We have many, many things to do.”

      Still think my point #8 is absurd?

  35. Lisa

    I find it so interesting that not one person criticizing this blog has followed your instructions and included links to back up exactly what they found was flawed with it. Funny…it’s the exact same thing that happens to me. Never a response…dead silence. Or maybe it’s I’ll get something a response like ” I just heard”. But never anything factual. I wonder why?

  36. Charity

    You summed up a number of excellent points. Donald Trump is so detached from the vested interest of the avIerage American that if he were to be elected, we would all likely suffer-for that I have no argument.

    However, I do want to note something bothersome about your article and tie that back into the idea of having a vested interest in a people. You self-described as a loyal evangelical conservative, and from that I can almost certainly assume that you are also quite predictably white and middle class(I’d say evangelical but you gave me that). From there I can assume that you, like the vast majority of white and middle class people, have zero close African-American friends: the kind where your families know each other well and you’ve ventured out into the world on vacations together, the kind where if something goes awful they are certain to call you and you them, the kind where your African-American friend isn’t expected to be the token black gal or guy among your party of white comrades, the kind where you black friend(s?) are typical black people in the political sense and can plainly articulate the concerns of the average middle class black American(ie, not Ben Carson or Alan Keyes). Just as you can easily smell the sexism in Donald Trump’s overbearing cologne, I can only assume you’ve never built any deeply meaningful relationships with African American(s) in your life, ever. And from there, I can only assume that your contact with the African-American community has been sporadic at best, and politically or religiously motivated to boot. I use African-Americans, as the fulcrum, but I could easily have said Mexican or Muslim.

    In this life, where the personal is indeed political, I wonder how race, religion, and gender intersect for you and how you see your political views impacting the day-to-day lives of the average African-American or Mexican or Muslim. I wonder if you, like most white Americans according to one study, along with having zero real black friends, also find it difficult to empathize with African-American people and how that lack of empathy(the key characteristic or narcissism) affects your political decisions. I imagine the average WASP sees themselves as the last of the original pioneers at the edge of the final frontier; the rightful benefactors of Constitutional freedoms and symbolic purity. I imagine you pray to an image of a savior who looks more like a California surfer than a brown skinned, wooly-haired Middle Easterner. I could be wrong. And I applaud you for pointing a finger a Donald Trump: a narcissist and a bigot in plain sight. But your political choices lead me to believe that you too think very little about people who don’t align with demographically. I hope I’m wrong but I’m willing to bet I’m not.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you, Charity. While there are a few points you make I could try to defend myself with by pointing out some things about my history or friends or where I live, as well as some as some of the reasons for my usual political affiliation, the truth is that are absolutely right – I cannot and likely will not ever be able to truly ever identify (nor can likely a large percentage of commenters on this post) with the African-American or minority experience. Point well taken. I do hope we can see positive changes (and not just verbiage) in that some day.

      (Though, on a side note I do have to defend myself on the perception of Jesus. As anyone who knows me would concur, I am very outspoken about the fact that Jesus would have looked Middle Eastern. Everyone should go see the movie Risen. Get past the inaccurate accents and it’s the best casting of Jesus ever)

      Thank you for your well-stated thoughts and input, Charity.

  37. Buddy Star

    Trump might just be a lot of the things you mentioned. But I think he’s got the best interest of America at heart. If you think Barack Obama got elected because you thought he was the best candidate, you’re dillusional. If you think Hillary Clinton is the best candidate, you’re going to vote for someone under FBI criminal investigation, who quite possibly gave our enemies access to national secrets. If you think Bernie is ok, put yourself in the same category as Hitler, Stalin and countless other Socialist/Communist who think taxing you out of a job is the right way to go. If you vote vor the status quo, you’re just another part of the problem.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thank you for your comments, Buddy. But are Trump, Hillary & Bernie our only options?

    • Jacob

      What is it about Trump’s opinions and actions that makes you think he has the “best interest” of America at heart?

      What do you think that best interest of America is? The deportation of American citizens that identify as Muslims? The public bullying and harassment of political opponents? Open and brash bigotry, racism, sexism and general discrimination towards anyone and everyone who is different? The building of a wall to stop immigrants from entering the country? (By the way, that won’t stop them.) And how do you think Trump will be received by other world leaders? Do you think Trump will contribute towards world stability and peace?

      Trump says he wants to build our economy and that he’s a “great negotiator” and continues to say that he “has a plan” and that it’s a “really great plan”, which may or may not be true, but he has yet to disclose the details of these plans. Trump also made these types of statements about his multitude of failed business ventures. Do you really trust his word that he has a plan? Why don’t you demand to know exactly what his plan is before throwing your support behind him?

      Concerning Obama, the majority of people voted for him because they believed he was the best candidate. Why is this delusional? Most of the change he promised he attempted to apply but was stopped at every turn by a bitter Republican-majority congress. A President can only do so much when he’s completely stonewalled by a non-cooperative Congress, who would rather see America crash and burn than work with their enemy. Despite this, Obama brought affordable healthcare to millions of Americans who needed it.

      Concerning Clinton, the grammar of your sentence doesn’t quite make sense but that’s okay, I know what you’re trying to say and you’re correct, she is currently under investigation. But this is America, she is still innocent until proven guilty. How do you respond to Trump’s rape allegations and his violent threat towards the reporter who wished to expose him? He’s innocent until proven guilty as well, correct? Why the double standard here?

      Your comment on Sanders, Hitler, Stalin, Socialism and Communism demonstrates your utter lack of knowledge on the subject and leads me to believe that you have done little to no research on the matter. To equate democratic socialism or social democracy with revolutionary communism is both definitively and historically inaccurate:

      1. Hitler was well known to be anti-communist. He claimed to be fighting against “Jewish Marxism”. Hitler was a FASCIST TOTALITARIAN, not a socialist or a communist in any way. Hitler was a fiery, aggressive politician who scapegoated minorities as the root of his nation’s problems, who promised to “Make Germany great again!” Sound familiar?

      2. Stalin came to power under the guise of COMMUNISM but his actions demonstrated that he had his own violent political motives that were later labeled as STALINISM. Not socialism, definitely not democracy.

      3. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. Democratic Socialism is the belief that the government and economy should be controlled by and benefit the vote of the people, not just the rich elite who control and manipulate the nation’s democracy through monetary influence, and that people should have the power to participate in decisions that effect all of us. You say that Bernie wants to “tax you out of a job”.

      Have you even looked at the Sanders tax plan or are you simply regurgitating something you heard? Taxes for lower and middle class families will increase a fractional amount, perhaps negligible when you consider that they would no longer be paying for health care or for a basic college education. Taxes for the rich and for Wall Street, who use their wealth and resources to create tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share, will increase more substantially, and this is where the majority of Sander’s proposed income will come from.

      Did you forget that our nation is currently in debt? Are you aware that the Sanders plan aims to create a $15,000,000,000,000 surplus for that nation? Sanders is currently the only candidate with clear a plan to get the nation out of debt and into the green. He’s not blowing hot air like Trump; the numbers are there, and economists have come out in support of his plan.

      By the way, America is already a socialist nation, and has been for nearly a century, when you consider that we have things like Social Security, medicare, environmental protection etc… So why does this concept bother you so much? Clearly it does bother you when your knee-jerk reaction is to compare any democratic socialist to Hitler and Stalin.

      Before I continue, I’d like to hear your thoughts on these comments.

  38. jek4

    Just a typo note. In point #3, at the end, you have “It is also difficult for me to understand why so any women support…”. There needs to be an “m” in front of any. I just wanted it corrected before I posted your link on Facebook. Good article.

    • Steve Baldwin

      Thanks! Done.

      • Amy

        The answer to the question is obvious women like Trump because he’s an alpha male. It’s primitive but served us quite well.

        • If you don't know, look it up

          Amy, I don’t know a single woman over the age of 21 who likes him in the least. I personally would not designate him as an alpha male…a wannabe alpha male perhaps, but the idea of the alpha male embodies someone who is actually strong and capable rather than someone who must lie to make himself seem capable and inappropriately attempt to humiliate others to make himself seem strong.

          • Jack

            You do not know a single woman over 21 that likes TRUMP? Is that because you only surround yourself with people of similar opinions?
            Happy Jan 20.

  39. anonymous

    Where in all of this did we forget about “separation of church and state”? I don’t care about your religion, I care whether you are decent human being, and “out of context” or not, there was still hate speech spewed forth from his mouth and therefore something I don’t want to see from the man who is supposed to represent what America stands for. Mocking or not mocking a person with disabilities, why make the gestures in the first place if not to mock or insult a man on his physical appearance? Wake the **** up people. We need a revolution in this country, this is not the America our forefathers had in mind when they signed their names!

  40. Thank You

    I’m seeing a lot of these hit pieces on Trump. My guess is the authors are paid shills for the DNC or RNC; since both seem to have reasons to stop him. Although I disagree with the author, I have to thank him. It’s blogs and articles like this one that has made Trump the GOP frontrunner. Please keep calling everyone ignorant and racist because it only adds more momentum to his campaign.

    • Melody Kay Young

      Which proves my theory narcissism is involved. That’s a tactic.

      • Bob Moore

        Your post seems to be the pattern of many Trump supporters. Ignore the points based on Mr. Trump’s own words, refuse to make a thoughtful rebuttal and accuse everyone of being hitmen (or hitwomen). I assume you’re good with that.

      • Bob Moore

        Ooops! Sorry, my reply was intended for Thank You.

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